A chilling February 25 report in the New York Times should cause great concern, not only in immigrant communities throughout America, but among every American citizen who is concerned about our the preservation of our freedom and the survival of our democracy.

This report describes the "fun" that some immigration enforcement agents now think they are having as a result of their new "freedom" from previous Obama-era restrictions as to which categories of immigrants they are allowed to arrest and deport according the latest DHS immigration enforcement memos. According to the Times:

"Two officials in Washington said that the shift - and the new enthusiasm that has come with it - seems to have encouraged pro-Trump political comments and banter that struck the officials as brazen, or even gung-ho, like remarks about their jobs becoming 'fun.' Those who take less of a hard line on unauthorized immigrants feel silenced, the officials said."


This latest attempt to "rig" the deportation system against 11 million mainly Laitino, Asian, Middle Eastern and black immigrants (to use Trump's favorite word when an election result goes against him) brings back disturbing memories of another police agency which was established more than 80 years ago in Germany with a mandate to carry out its work without restraints of any kind by the courts or administrative bodies. This agency was known in English as the Secret State Police, or in German, Geheime Staatspolizei, more commonly referred to as the Gestapo.


According to the above site, The History Place, the Gestapo was entirely free from legal restrants of any kind:

"On February 10, 1936, the Nazi Reichstag passed the 'Gestapo Law' which included the following paragraph: 'Neither the instructions nor the affairs of the Gestapo will be open to review by the administrative courts.' This meant that the Gestapo was now above the law and there could be no legal appeal from anything it did.

Indeed, the Gestapo became a law unto itself."

The Gestapo agents no doubt thought that their work was "fun", too. As the same site relates:

"The Gestapo prison center in Berlin (the Columbia-Haus) became notorious as a place where pedestrians strolling outside the building could hear screaming coming from inside."

Will we, before long, be hearing stories in America about how ICE agents, or guards employed by the private prison system, which Jeff Sessions' DOJ has now ordered to be revived and expanded,


are having "fun" or being enthused by the cries and tears of anguish and despair of millions of Latino, Asian, Middle Eastern and black immigrants, most of whom are law-abiding, productive members of our society whose only "crime" is not having the right legal documents, being wrenched away from their spouses, children, parents or other close family member or friends to be handcuffed, thrown into prison and held there indefinitely without any hope of release before they are finally expelled from Donald Trump's America?

Roger Algase
Attorney at Law