Update, August 7, 12:54 pm:

Rep. Xavier Becerra (D-Calif.) has joined in on the criticism of Donald Trump for not revealing more information about his wife's immigration history. Bercerra stated as follows on Fox News on August 7, according to The Hill:

"The immigrant basher is unwilling to explain how his wife, an immigrant, gained her status."

Once again, it is time for the Trump campaign to tell the American people the naked truth about Melania Trump's visa status while working in this country as a nude model in 1995, when she had allegedly not yet received her H-1B work visa that reportedly began only the following year.

Therefore, she may allegedly have been in the US with a visitor visa in 1995 that would not have allowed her to work legally.

As shown below, there are also questions about how she got her green card, which according to one report (see below), she allegedly obtained though marriage to a mystery figure who was not Donald Trump. This does not necessarily indicate that there was anything illegal or fraudulent about her alleged marriage green card.

But it puts the Trump campaign under an even greater obligation to tell us the whole truth about his wife's full immigration history in the US, especially since the heart of Trump's quest for the presidency has been promising to expel 12 million immigrants who have problems with their immigration status, and to build a wall and use other measures to stop millions of other immigrants from countries he doesn't like, or who may have a skin color or religion he doesn't like, from coming to America.



Update, August 6, 12:15 pm:

Even though, as suggested below, we do need to know the truth about Melania Trump's US visa status while working as a nude model in 1995, and about her alleged subsequent marriage green card case, these are admittedly not the only, or even the most important, issues in this election.

It is even more important to know whether Donald Trump is psychologically fit to be president, and whether he would show the slightest respect for the Constitution if he is installed in the Oval Office. The outlook on both those points does not look very promising. See:




My original post appears below:

In addition to the questions about what kind of visa Melania Trump was using when she posed for nude model photos in the United States in 1995, discussed in detail in my August 4 post, new questions are now being raised about how she received her green card.

According to an August 5 Univision report, Melania received her green card in 2001, allegedly though marriage. But the marriage, if any, was not to Donald Trump, Donald and Melania didn't marry until 2005, four years later.

The mystery is deepened by the same Univision report, which says that in a 2005 interview with Larry King, Melania told him she had never been married before meeting Donald Trump!

Of course, this would not rule out a marriage by Melania to someone else after she met Trump, whom she was first introduced to in 1998, according to the same story.

But if Melania was indeed married to someone else after meeting Trump in 1998 but before marrying him in 2005, and if she actually got a green card through her alleged marriage to that mystery person, it would seem curious that there has been no mention of this before in any of her biographies or profiles.

The Univision story about Melania's alleged green card marriage comes from Michael Wildes, an immigration lawyer who used to work for the Trump organization. But when Univision asked Wildes for details, he said that he would seek clarification from the Trump organization.

However, Wildes evidently did not hear back from the Trump organization about his request for clarification. Of course, if Melania Trump, at some point during the seven years that passed between the time that she met Trump and the time she married him, married someone else and got a green card through him, that doesn't necessarily indicate that there was anything illegal or fraudulent about her green card marriage.

But Donald Trump, in his campaign, has been adamant that any immigrant who breaks any immigration law must be kicked out of the US and sent home, no matter how great the hardship may be to that person or to any American family members that the person might have.

The growing questions over Melania Trump's visa history may indicate that Trump is following a double standard.

Therefore, just as in the case of Melania Trump's modeling photos in 1995 when she was in the US with a visa that may or may not have allowed her to work legally, the American public is entitled to the naked truth about her alleged marriage green card and her previous US immigration history.

The Univision story is at:

Roger Algase is a New York immigration lawyer and a graduate of Harvard College and Harvard Law School. For more than 35 years, he has been helping mainly skilled and professional immigrants from various parts of the world obtain work visas and green cards. Roger's email address is algaselex@gmail.com