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A commentator below has posted a link to a news story about the latest apparent ISIS inspired atrocity, the beheading of an 86-year old priest in France. This gives rise to the question whether there is anyone on this planet who has done more to help ISIS recruitment efforts than Donald Trump's alleged good friend and supporter Vladimir Putin, who has been creating countless new jihadists by propping up the brutal Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad by military force and thereby putting the security of the American people in even greater danger.

My original post follows:

In the past day, there have been several news stories to the effect that Russian dictator Vladimir Putin, with whom Donald Trump reportedly has close ties, based on Trump's extensive business interests in Russia and some kind words he has had to say about Putin, may have tried to influence the US presidential election by arranging to hack into thousands of DNC emails and releasing ones which could prove embarrassing to the Hillary Clinton campaign to Wikileaks on the eve of the DNC convention.

The Hill which is not exactly a mouthpiece for the Clinton campaign and has arguably run more stories about Hillary's own email problems than any other single media outlet, reports as follows on July 25:

"The leak of 20,000 stolen emails from the Democratic National Committee (DNC) is almost certainly an attempt by the Russian government to influence the presidential election, security experts say.

Such a maneuver would be unprecedented and is stirring speculation that Russia is trying to ensure that Republican Donald Trump wins the White House.

'I think we are probably in full scale, "Yes, this is Russia trying to influence the election so they can have the person they prefer at the top of the American government," said James Healy, a director at the Atlantic Council who has worked on cyber defenses at the White House."


Russia's fingerprints seen on DNC hack


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Putin's Buddy Trump Is About To Get National Security Briefings. Intel Officers Are Worried.


Because of the conceivably great influence that Putin could have over US immigration policy if he succeeds in arguably helping to determine the results of the US election and installing a possible friend and supporter in the White House, it is instructive to look at Putin's record of backing extreme right wing, neo-fascist anti-immigrant politicians in Europe.

USA Today reported as follows about a year ago (on June 25, 2015):


Russia and Europe's extremist parties find common cause


"Russia and anti-immigrant extremist parties across Europe are forging an unlikely alliance over their shared antipathy for the European Union and NATO and admiration for President Vladimir Putin's strongman style of leadership."

Among right wing extremist leaders with well documented authoritarian, anti-immigrant positions who are mentioned in the above article as having received support from Putin are Viktor Orban of Hungary's Fidesz party and France's National Front party led by Marine Le Pen, as well as far right parties in Germany, Austria, the UK and other European countries.

See also Slate: (May 19, 2014)

Europe's far right and Putin

(I am sorry - finding reliable Slate links is not always as easy as one would wish: please go to Google for find this story.)

If Trump takes over our government with any degree of help from Russia's strongman, would Putin's support for right wing extremist anti-immigrant policies in Europe (though not necessarily in his own country, as will be discussed in a forthcoming post) be replicated in America?

Shouldn't our immigration policies be determined by the American people? Do we need help from a foreign dictator?

Roger Algase is a New York immigration lawyer and a graduate of Harvard College and Harvard Law School. For more than 35 years, Roger has been helping mainly skilled and professional immigrants from many parts of the world obtain work visas and green cards.

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