Many Trump voters may arguably be attracted to him because of his overtly racist attacks against Latino and Muslim immigrants, and the USC communities they are connected with. Many voters also support Trump because of his "strong man" image.

But there are also millions of voters who are not racists, or authoritarians, but who still admire and support Trump because of his promises to protect America's borders against foreign citizen criminals and terrorists. How genuine are those promises?

To put it mildly, Trump's long business career is not one that is necessarily distinguished by his keeping his promises or telling the truth. See:

Can Trump be relied on to make genuine efforts to make America safer or enforce our immigration laws more effectively, as he promises to do?

And even if those are his real objectives, as he claims, short of sealing America's borders entirely (which may not be beyond the realm of possibility) how can Trump weed out the real terrorists who might want to come to America without the cooperation of authorities in the very Muslim countries and US allies that Trump is doing everything in his power to antagonize?

How, even with a Wall, can he prevent "criminals" and "rapists" from coming into the US through Mexico if the government of that country hates and despises him because of his racist comments?

How will he gain the trust and cooperation of Muslim, Latino and other immigrant communities in the United States that he will need in order to enforce the immigration laws and protect against home-grown crime and terrorist attacks?

Even if Donald Trump turns America into a police state (also not beyond the bounds of possibility, based on some of his comments), he will still need the trust and good will of minority communities in America. He can't simply lock all the members of these communities up or intern them all in concentration camps.

One would hope.
Roger Algase is a New York immigration lawyer and a graduate of Harvard Callege and Harvard Law School. He has been helping mainly skiiled and professional immigrants obtain work visas and green cards for more than 35 years. Roger's email address is