It's not just Donald Trump. In two separate developments, a Republican Federal Judge and a Republican House Committee Chaiman have engaged in activities which, to say the least, are arguably intended to have a chilling effect on Obama administration lawyers and officials, who, in the view of the Republican officials involved, are not sufficiently tough in enforcing the immigration laws, not to mention many thousands of immigrants themselves.

The first involves the latest order of Texas Federal District Judge Andrew Hanen in Texas v US, the lawsuit by 26 state governors which seeks to invalidate President Obama's November 2014 DAPA and DACA extension executive actions. The most comprehensive description of the content and background of this order that I have found appears in a May 20 article. even though I do not agree with or endorse the characterization of this order in the link below. See

The second involves an attempt by the Republican-controlled House Judiciary Committee to inflame fears and antagonism toward immigrants by highlighting some sensational violent crimes committed by immigrants and pillorying the DHS for allegedly being too lenient in releasing criminal immigrants. See Nolan Rappaport's May 20 article.

This is despite evidence that immigrants have a lower crime rate than US citizens.

To be continued.