Update, May 11, 8:48 pm:

For an inexcusably bigoted attempt to defend Trump's Muslim ban proposal, masquerading as pseudo "objective" sociology, see Slate's May 11 article:

Trumpsplaining: What the GOP candidate's voters are thinking when they call for a ban on Muslim immigration, by Reihan Salam.

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My original post follows:

Donald Trump reportedly announced on May 11 that he is considering appointing former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani to lead a commission on immigration if Trump is elected president.


Giuliani, who had a generally pro-immigrant reputation as New York's mayor, was also (somewhat) critical more recently of Trump's attacks against Mexican immigrants.

The Hill also reports that Trump is now calling his proposed ban on letting Muslim immigrants/visitors into the US "just a suggestion".


Could this be a sign that Trump may be moderating some of his more extreme anti-immigrant positions? Is he going to sell out the anti-immigrant and white supremacist voters who helped him clinch the Republican presidential nomination?

Or would that be too much to expect?

On Giuliani, see:



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