Update: February 13, 6:45 pm:

Like every other American, I am saddened to hear of the death of Justice Antonin Scalia, an influential jurist who strongly believed in what he stood for and argued his positions forcefully. It goes without saying that had more of his opinions been majority ones rather than dissents, some of the laws affecting fundamental rights of immigrants would be very different today from what they actually are now.

It is also a sad commentary on the state of polarization in America today that there is virtually no chance that the Senate will allow President Obama to perform his Constitutional function of picking Justice Scalia's successor.

The condolences of all Americans go out to Justice Scalia's family.

Update: February 13, 2:30 pm:

The New York Times reports that Donald Trump is running a new campaign ad highlighting the father of an American teenager who was killed by an illegal immigrant.


Of course, such a despicable crime must be condemned and punished, and the nation's sympathy goes out to the family of the victim, and those of other similar victims.

If the father of the unfortunate young man thinks that supporting someone who is trying to win the presidency by using this young man's death in order to stir up hate against millions of innocent immigrants is the best way to honor his son's memory, that is of course his choice as a parent to make.

I am not sure that it is the choice that every parent facing such a terrible situation would make.

My original post follows:

Could the following be a news story next year?

"President Trump: 'I Won't Be Dictated To By Supreme Court Women, Jews And Mexicans'

December 12, 2017:

President Donald Trump announced today that he is nullifying last week's US Supreme Court 6-3 decision written by Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg striking down his three executive orders aimed at preventing the "Islamization" of the United States as unconstitutional. (Justice Clarence Thomas wrote a stinging dissent arguing that it was not the 'original intent' of the authors of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights for America 'to be governed by Sharia law' and that the president had not only the power, but the duty to "take care" that this did not happen.)

The first of the executive orders, all of which were issued the day after his inauguration as president in January, 2017, barred all Muslims, including US citizens, from entering the United States until further notice, in fulfillment of his 2016 campaign promise.

The second one ordered the immediate deportation of all Muslim 'aliens' in the US and set up a special paramilitary task force to carry out the order. The third order stripped all naturalized Muslims of US citizenship, retroactive to the date of naturalization.

In making his announcement, Trump said:

'I have consulted with Secretary of State Sarah Palin, Attorney General Kris Kobach, Solicitor General Greg Abbott, Homeland Security Secretary Joe Arpiao and USCIS Director Ann Coulter. They tell me that there's a bunch of very good lawyers in their departments who all agree that the authors of the Constitution didn't intend for this country to be run by a collection of women, Jews and Mexicans on the Supreme Court who think that wearing black robes gives them the right to turn America into an Islamic Caliphate.'

'If I let people like that push me around, we won't even have a country any more. I really don't know what the hell this little handful of un-elected lawyers thought they were doing.'

President Trump was evidently referring to the fact that three of the members of the Supreme Court's liberal bloc, including two of the three women, are Jewish. His use of the term "Mexicans" on the Court is an apparent reference to Justice Sonia Sotomayor, who is of Puerto Rican parentage.

Opposition to the president's action in single-handedly attempting to nullify a Supreme Court decision was swift and vigorous. From his native Calgary, Canada, where former Texas Senator Ted Cruz relocated shortly after President Trump took over the White House in order to avoid threatened prosecution for entering the US by falsely claiming be an American citizen, he issued the following statement:

'President Trump's action today makes me so glad I was able to get my Canadian citizenship back and come to Canada safely. Millions of other Americans should be so lucky.'

And from Beijing, where President Trump's Democratic opponent, Hillary Clinton, fled immediately after the 2016 presidential election in which Mr Trump won every state except for Hawaii (whose result Trump has refused to recognize on the grounds that Hawaii is not really part of the US) and where her application for asylum in China is still reportedly under consideration, announced:

'i'm not giving up. You'll be hearing from me again in 2020'.

In a late-breaking development, President Trump also announced that he is starting construction work immediately on the 'Biggest, most gorgeous, wall you've ever seen' along the entire US-Canadian border.

He added:

'Any other bimbos, losers or low-energy pussies who think they can get away with criticizing me by getting the hell out of America and escaping to Canada are going to have another think coming.'

Some sources have suggested that this last comment may include references to former Fox News Anchor Megyn Kelly and former Florida governor Jeb Bush, neither of whom has been heard from since President Trump took office, and whose whereabouts are currently unknown."
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