As outrage over Donald Trump's claim that US District Judge Gonzalo Curiel, who is presiding over two lawsuits against Trump University is biased against Trump purely by virtue of US-born Judge Curiel's Mexican Ancestry, continues to grow (see below), NBC news reports that Judge Curiel helped to bring down a dangerous Mexican drug cartel and may have been targeted by the cartel for assassination.

The June 1 report states:

"When Curiel was part of narcotics enforcement, he helped to bring down the Mexican criminal organization run by Benjamin Arellano Fellx, who was arrested in 2002 and convicted of running a violent and deadly drug cartel between the US and Mexico.

Before Felix' arrest, the Los Angeles Times reported that Curiel had been a possible target by the cartel when a top lieutenant was arrested and claimed in a bugged conversation that he was given the go-ahead to assassinate the U.S. prosecutor."

If Trump's genuine concern is making immigration enforcement more effective, rather than simply using racial attacks to try to destroy anyone who opposes him, as the National Hispanic Bar Association and Slate Magazine's William Saletan allege in their following quoted remarks, it would seem curious for Trump to pick a target who may have risked his life to stop drugs from coming into to the United States from Mexico.

It is one thing for Trump to go after "illegal" immigrants. But why (as also in the case of Sen. John McCain), does he also like to attack American heroes?