This post will continue the comments in my previous two posts concerning the connection between the rise of Islamophobia and the widespread opposition to letting more than a token number of the 4 million Syrian refugees who have fled the twin horrors of Assad's murderous dictatorship, torture prisons, chemical weapons and barrel bombs on the one hand, and the beheadings and crucifixions carried out by the fanatical ISIS jihadist madmen on the other.

The game of blaming the mainly Muslim victims of the atrocities carried out by both of the main sides in the Syrian war can be carried to irrational extremes, as shown by a commentator to my previous posts. He (or she) writes that because the Boston marathon bombings were carried out by two Muslim brothers, one a US citizen and the other a legal resident, who had come to the US as refugees when they were children, all of the 4 million Syrian refugees must be security threats and potential mass murderers.

An only slightly less extreme version of the "Syrian refugee = terrorist" line appears in a September 9 article criticizing Donald Trump, of all people, for being open to taking in at least a few Syrian refugees. writes:

"Last night, Trump didn't elaborate further on how many [Syrian] refugees he would allow into the country, how he would pay for such a thing, or any concerns about national security.

Islamic terrorists are infamous for exploiting the chaos of refugee crises as a way to sneak into other

A more rational look at the refugee crisis will show that the notion that Syrians fleeing war and terror in their own country are likely to pose a threat to the United States is a product of Islamophia and anti-immigrant hysteria, not of rational considerations.

Concerning the canard that the two Boston bombers who came to the US as refugees from Chechnya when they were children and later became radicalized in the United States represent the views of 4 million Syria refugees, Shikha Dalmia of the libertarian site, who also writes for Boomberg View and the WSJ (she also has appeared on Fox Business Network and MSBNC, among other networks), writes:

"Given that America has been admitting 70,000 refugees annually, these examples suggest not a cause for alarm but the opposite. If anything, they prove that refugees are less prone to mass violence than other groups."

See: The Bogus Security Concerns Driving America's Paralysis on Syrian Refugees: America's loss is Germany's gain

She also writes:

"Asylum seekers have always been subject to the most rigorous screening of all prospective immigrants...making this route a particularly bad bet for terrorists to sneak in. Middle Eastern refugees face extra burdens and extra layers of multi-agency scrutiny...It would be far easier for terrorists to enter as tourists - or via smuggling networks."

To be continued: