This is the latest update on the appalling, unbelievable inhumanity being shown by the governments of Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand in continuing to turn away hundreds, if not thousands, of dying boat refugess who have been at sea for weeks, if not months, and many of whom are trying to escape intolerable persecution and denial fo basic human rights, including the right to citizenship, in Burma.

According to the following May 18 BBC report, Indonesia has ordered its own fishermen, who were showing humanity that their leaders evidently lack, to stop rescuing Rohingya and Bangladeshi boat peope, now matter how terrible their circumstances are at sea.

It may be true, that as the report indicates, the Bangladeshi migrants, unlike the Rohingya from Burma, may be economic migrants rather than refugees under international law.

But do they not also have a right to live? One can only hope that the international community will sanction the the above four SE Asean countries for the barbarism of their leaders in creating and/or aggravating this crisis.

The report is entitled:

Asia boat migrants: UN despair over lack of rescues

I want to thank my colleague Nolan Rappaport for bringing this report to my attention. On his behalf, I will also enter his disclaimer that forwarding a news item or article does not indicate that he has any opinion, one way or the other, about the content.