The Huffington Post reports that on May 14, the House voted to delete a provision from a defense authorization bill that would have requested the Defense Department to consider DREAMERS for enlistment in the military. The amendment stripping this provision from the bill narrowly passed the House, with 20 Republicans voting with the Democrats to keep the provision in the bill.

The successful amendment to delete the provision and effectively bar DREAMERS from enlisting in the military was offered by Rep. Mo Brooks (R-AL), who recently suggested that a measles outbreak in the US may have been caused by "illegal aliens".

Rep. Brooks stated the reason for his opposition to allowing DREAMERS to serve in the military as follows:

"Each time an illegal alien takes an enlistment opportunity, an American or lawful immigrant loses an enlistment opportunity..."

Based on his comments about measles, Brooks must have also no doubt been concerned about protecting the health of our soldiers.