It is all too common to read about people who are fighting to avoid being deported from the US, or who are hoping to to be able to return to America after being deported. But it is less common to hear about someone fighting to avoid being deported to the US, and who wishes to leave the US to return to the country that deported him as soon as possible, while resisting becoming a US citizen.

But this is exactly the situation that one of Vietnam's best known dissidents, Nguyen Van Hai, finds himself in, according to an October 22 article in The Guardian.

Mr. Hai, known online as Dieu Cai, was jailed in 2012 for "anti-state propaganda" based on his Internet posts and his founding of a journalists group which attempted to offer an alternative to state-controlled news.

He has been in and out of detention in Vietnam since 2007 because of his dissident views. The Guardian reports that intervention by Washington is believed to be connected with the decision to release Mr. Hai and send him to the US, where he is apparently neither a citizen nor a permanent resident:

"Just how Hai has ended up in America - rather than his home town of Saigon - is still unclear. According to the US state department, it was Hai's decision to travel to America. But even Hai himself, and his family, recount a different tale. Speaking to Radio Free Asia, Hai's ex-wife says he was suddenly removed from his jail cell, taken to the airport and put on a plane to Los Angeles - without any prior warning."

Based on the above report, it would appear that Vietnam does not have a procedure for issuing an NTA, holding a hearing before an immigration judge, or allowing for an appeal to any equivalent of the BIA before deporting one of its own citizens.

The same article also quotes Mr. Hai as saying that the US government wants him to become a US citizen, but he has vowed to fight for his return back to Vietnam, as well as the return of all other Vietnamese exiles in America.

It remains to be seen whether Mr. Hai will be successful in his battle to leave America and return to his country of origin, something which more than two million people have managed to accomplish without even asking to do so since President Obama took office.