The Board of Alien Labor Certification Appeals (“BALCA”) recently issued a decision discussing errors made in labor certifications. In Matter of APT –Advanced Polymer Technology, the employer sponsored the position of R&D Manager/ Chemist for labor certification and stated that it conducted recruitment through an employee referral program, a job search website, and the employer’s website. The case was selected for audit and the employer submitted proof that it had conducted recruitment through a job search website, its website, and on-campus recruitment. The audit response did not address the discrepancy between the evidence of on-campus recruitment provided in the audit response and the employee referral program that was listed in the ETA 9089. The case was denied by the Certifying Officer (“CO”) on the basis that no evidence of an employee referral program was included in the audit response. The employer requested that the case be reconsidered on the basis that its statement that recruitment was conducted through an employee referral program was a clerical error. BALCA reviewed the federal regulations and found that the PERM process does not “permit[] employer’s to make changes to applications after filing. The … program is designed to streamline the process and an open amendment process that freely allows changes to applications … is inconsistent with the goal.” However, BALCA went on to state that the regulations do “recognize the appropriateness of an opportunity to present … evidence that was generated to comply with the record retention requirements.” Unfortunately, BALCA determined that the appropriate time to provide this additional evidence is in the audit response. Since the employer failed to do so, BALCA reaffirmed the denial. It is critical that labor certifications are filed with accurate information. However, this case does give some support for the idea that explanations or clarifying information can be presented in an audit response. This post originally appeared on HLG's Views blog by Cadence Moore.