There is no more reliably conservative Republican columnist anywhere than George F. Will of the Washington Post. For as long as anyone can remember, he has been bashing the Democrats and upholding right wing positions on almost every topic imaginable.

A left-wing firebrand who is anxious to see endless Democratic victories is exactly what George F. Will is not. Therefore, it is highly significant that in his February 13 Washington Post Column Why Immigration Reform Matters, Will demolishes, one by one, all of the specious arguments which have been raised by many other Republicans for opposing immigration reform, and shows why reform is essential to advance the basic Republican goal of promoting economic growth.

He dismisses the argument that the GOP must avoid "divisive" issues such as immigration by warning that the Republicans could become "what completely harmonious parties are: small."

He also writes that the "identity politics" of worrying that future immigrants may turn into Democratic voters is "unworthy of Republicans."

He also, courageously, wades into the issue of anti-immigrant racism, which he calls "cultural concerns", by pointing out that today's immigrants from Latin America are assimilating just as fast as their European predecessors.

Regarding border security, Will points out that net immigration from Mexico is now zero and sensibly argues against the "East Germanization" of the Mexican border.

With regard to the familiar argument by hate organizations that immigrants take jobs from Americans, Will points out that 40 per cent of Fortune 500 companies were founded by immigrants or their children.

He concludes:

"Opposition to immigration because the economy supposedly cannot generate sufficient jobs is similar defeatism. Zero-sum reasoning about a fixed quantity of opportunity is for a United States in a defensive crouch, which is not for conservatives."

Whom will the Republican leaders listen to on immigration, a responsible, reputable conservative such as George F. Will, or bigoted anti-Latino and anti-Asian fanatics such as Ann Coulter?

This will decide the future of immigration reform, at least for the near term.