Updated, 8:57 pm, February 8:

There is no shortage of confirmation in the latest news stories that Colin Powell is correct in blaming the GOP's racism for the failure of immigration reform, as shown below in my original post. The Hill Reports on February 8 that even House Speaker John Boehner's enforcement-first poison pill laden "Principles" or "Standards" for immigration reform which was released last week is too much for the right wing bigots in the House Republican caucus.

In its article GOP Rep. Boehner 'jumped the gun', The Hill quotes South Carolina Republican Representative Tom Rice as saying the following about reform in an interview with Lou Dobbs (formerly CNN's immigrant hater-in-chief) who is now with Fox Business News:

"I think that Speaker Boehner may have jumped the gun a little bit. And when he announced his objective to the rank and file, I don't think they were very pleased..."

Rice went on to use the old scare tactic that if legalization or a pathway to citizenship is granted to 11 million people now, without our borders being "absolutely secure", then there will be another 11 million people coming in without permission in the next five years.

Reading Boehner's "Standards", one might have thought that Border Security (BS) and enforcement "triggers" were what they were all about, not to mention the $46.3 billion BS boondoggle for defense contractors in the Senate CIR bill. But it seems that no amount of Border Security will be enough to satisfy the Tea Party white supremacists who are determined to deport every single last brown person in this country without legal status.

But Rice made clear that it is not enough just to deport 11 million Latino, black and Asian immigrants. He also wants to stop minority immigrants from coming here legally by reducing family immigration, according to the above report.

Therefore the Tea Party's death blow to legalization is only one prong of a two-pronged Republican right wing attack on Latino and other non-white immigrants. The other prong is to reduce or eliminate family quotas so that brown people won't be able to come to America legally.

The following is my original post.

Former Republican Secretary of State Colin Powell has reiterated his previous comments that there is a "dark vein of intolerance" running through the Republican party and that this is the reason why immigration reform is being held up.

A February 7 POLITICO article, Colin Powell pushes GOP on immigration, quotes Powell as follows:

"If not now, when? We keep putting it [immigration reform] off...But sufficient time has passed so that we should all understand by now that we are an immigrant nation...

I think we have to do something about immigration reform and do it as quickly as we can."

POLITICO also quotes Powell as saying (February 7 on MSNBC Andrea Mitchell Reports):

"There are certain elements within the party which go out of their way to demonize people who don't look like the way they'd like them to look like, or who came from some other place."

If only all our politicians, activists and pundits, on both sides of this issue, had the courage and the honesty to speak out as plainly as Colin Powell about why we do not yet have immigration reform.


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