In what can only be bad news for the Tea Party hard liners who have been holding up immigration reform, a group of shamans in Peru has predicted that reform will pass in 2014. Here is the report, as published on December 31, 2013, in (See Shamans in Peru predict that US will approve immigration reform in 2014):

"In a colorful ceremony in Peru's capital, Lima, the self-proclaimed master Juan Osco, along with other shamans, performed on Monday [a] series of rituals to predict next year's major events. The shamans whistled, chanted, and rubbed the posters of the leaders, including US President Barack Obama, with Andean spirit totems, crucifixes, and even a snake. They predicted the approval of US immigration reform in 2014."

Wow! This has to be bad news for the Tea Party. One may doubt whether Tea Party and other anti-immigrant zealots who are still determined to deport 11 or 12 million brown men, women and children are concerned about the stories in Newsweek and other media about how the shining knight, Sir Piecemeal Bob Goodlatte, following his predecessor, Sir Galahad, is riding to the rescue of immigration reform. (See my updated post Immigration Reform in 2014? Optimism vs. Reality, which appeared in the December 31, 2013 Immigration Daily.)

There has not been much reaction by the Tea Party or any other hate groups that I have seen, other than a few ritual denunciations in Tea Party media outlets.

And there is no reason why the Tea Party should be concerned about the prognostications by Newsweek, Tamar Jacoby, and other mainstream conventional wisdom sources that we will have reform in 2014. After all, the Tea Party is in the saddle, not the reform movement, vigorous, active and widespread as it is.

This was described best in a December 11, 2013 article in the National Journal by Beth Reinhard: The Tea Party Has Already Won.

Reinhard writes:

"The tea party shut down the government over Obamacare, put immigration reform on life support, and is holding the farm bill hostage over food stamps...

The battle for the heart and soul of the Republican party expanded in the past week to include challenges against Mississippi Senator Thad Cochran and Texas Senator John Cornyn [both of whom actually voted against the Senate CIR bill], bringing the total of GOP senators facing primary opponents to seven. All of the incumbents are favored to beat their opponents. But that doesn't mean they're free to cut any deals across the aisle; doing so would be risky in a highly polarized political climate that sees compromise as betrayal.

'Members of Congress are risk adverse, and if they can avoid getting attention from the bullies, they will', said Republican consultant John Feehery, a former Capitol Hill staffer.'" (Emphasis added.)

It is true that since that time, there has been a bipartisan budget deal, but as I mentioned in my previous post, the Tea Party is now threatening to "primary" a long list of House Republicans whom it considers to be "pro amnesty", including the shining knight, Sir Piecemeal, himself.

Reinhard also quotes former Democratic Senator Norm Coleman (Minnesota), as follows:

"Elements within the Tea Party are definitely pushing Republicans to the right really hard and pushing a purist approach...If folks are saying 'don't compromise', that obviously makes it harder to find common ground." (Emphasis added.)

But the Tea Party may now have finally met its nemesis. Don't mess with the Peruvian shamans!

I do not know very much about shamans, but my instinct would be to put more faith in their prognostications than in those of the cockeyed immigration reform optimists who refuse to acknowledge that the Tea Party is even in the room. The shamans are the best, and arguably most reliable, news about immigration reform that I have seen in quite some time.

At least, they are no less reliable than most of the other, rose-colored, forecasts I have seen predicting that reform will happen in this New Year 2014.