In a protest against the cowardice of House Republicans who are afraid to stand up to the Tea Party extremists and white supremacist anti-immigrant bigots in their party, more than 100 courageous women, including at least 20 unauthorized immigrants, held a pro-reform rally on Thursday, September 12 and were arrested by Washington Police for blocking an intersection near the Capitol.

Details were reported that day by in More Than 100 Women Arrested at Capitol Immigration Reform Protest

One of the protesters, Heather Cronk, co-director of Get EQUAL, a leading LGBT advocacy organization, explained in a September 14 article in THE HILL's Congress Blog why she participated. See Cuffs won't stop us: Comprehensive immigration reform can't wait

She writes:

"We can seize this moment to demand action on comprehensive immigration reform, or we can turn our backs on 11 million aspiring Americans' hopes and dreams: for a path to citizenship, for asylum, for humane detention policies and an end to the 1,100 deportations that happen in our country each day."

She continues:

"Some are suggesting that we offer undocumented immigrants work permits, but not full citizenship. That approach would relegate millions of people to a permanent underclass. Others are suggesting that Congress should address the status of immigrant youth only, and leave the rest of the 11 aside...We don't want any more families to be separated."

She concludes:

"Some are suggesting that members of Congress have too much on their plates to focus on an issue as big as immigration reform. To them we say that the magnitude of our country's broken immigration system is too big to ignore."

Long after the country has forgotten the Eric Cantors, the Bob Goodlattes and the John Boehners who, up to now, have been too timid, too scared of their party's xenophobic, intolerant far right Steve King wing to allow legalization and a pathway to citizenship to come to a vote in the House, America will remember and applaud Heather Cronk and the more than 100 other brave women who faced arrest so that 11 million people can gain freedom from fear of deportation and the break up of their families; and so they can win the opportunity to participate as full members of our society.