The unbelievably offensive, racist accusation by Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa) that for every DREAMER who is a valedictorian there are ten who are "drug mules" is continuing to draw condemnation from other House Republicans. On Sunday (July 28), I watched Rep. Peter King (R-NY), who is not related to Steve King, tear into Steve King's remarks on CNN's "State of the Nation" Program with Candy Crowley.

Peter King said, in effect, that there is no place for Steve King's inflammatory statements in the immigration reform debate. In what might offer a ray of hope to CIR supporters, Peter King also said that the House should work with the Senate to develop a consensus on the Senate's CIR bill, even if House Republicans (including Peter King himself) were not entirely satisfied with that bill.

This strikes a note of reason and common sense toward reform which has not been heard very often recently from the lower chamber. If Steve King's bigoted anti-immigrant tirades are causing some House Republicans to step back and take a second look at where obstruction and negativity toward reform are leading their party, then Steve King's vitriolic hate against Latino immigrants may have a silver lining.

But in the meantime, shouldn't Steve King be censured, if not expelled, from the House? Senator Joseph McCarthy (R-WI) was censured by the Senate for tearing America apart with his lies and false charges in the 1950's which destroyed the lives and careers of so many innocent people.

As a high school student. I watched some of the condemnation against McCarthy on TV too (black and white. of course - no cables). Watching Peter King talk about Steve King brought back some of these memories.

Why does Steve King, with his open racism and bigotry against America's rapidly growing minority population, which also brings back memories of the racial hate which disfigured American society and politics 60 years ago, deserve to stay in Congress in the 21st century?

Posted on July 28, 2013
by Roger Algase