According to the media, public anger and resentment against public employee union members are growing as more and more people come to believe right wing propaganda that public employee benefits are exorbitant and responsible for budget deficits in many states. The public employees are in good company. Immigrants have been the target of this kind of invective for a long time. In each case, the most vulnerable and least powerful people in our society are being made the scapegoats for problems which were created by the people who have the most wealth and power.

As income inequality grows in America and the living conditions of those who are not at the top of the pyramid become even more precarious, we can look for even harsher anti-immigration measures at all levels of government. Therefore, the current focus on Arizona and other states which are trying to usurp federal power over immigration may be misplaced. We can expect to see more draconian immigration enforcement activity and restrictive policies at the federal level, as the Obama administration tries even harder to curry favor with the large number of Americans who have been brainwashed into thinking that immigrants are the root of all evil in this country.