Further to my post in the April 26 ID, it has now been reported (on April 27) that President Obama has released his long form birth certificate, putting an end to the birther madness once and for all. Why did he not do this much earlier, so his opponents on the far right lunatic fringe would have been forced to look for some other absurd issue to raise against him? Is he not at least partly responsible for giving ammunition to people who refuse to accept the reality of an African-American president?

In the same way, just as the president had the power to release his long form birth certificate all along, he also has the power to release hundreds of thousands of unauthorized immigrants who are not violent criminals or terrorists and pose no danger to this country from the threat of deportation, pending a complete overhaul of our immigration system to bring it more in line with today's demographic and economic realities. He also has the power to release tens of thousands of skilled and educated immigrants, who have the most to offer this country, from the hardship and anxiety of unjustified and politically motivated petition or visa denials, instead of regarding them with hostility and suspicion as his administration is now doing. 

Granted, immigration issues cannot be as easily resolved as the fake birther one. But by refusing to use the administrative powers that he already has to relieve more immigrants from the effects of our harsh and often irrational laws, President Obama is only making the situation worse.