Why are the Republicans against immigration reform? A blogger on another website says it so well that no one can do better: "a huge portion of the GOP base is motivated by xenophobic racism stoked on by the GOP itself to keep those same voters from realizing [that] the only real agenda of the Republican party is to take money from the middle class and give it to the wealthy."

This also explains the epidemic of "enforcement only"  immigration bills being introduced, and in some cases passed, by Republican state legislatures in many parts of the country. But are the Democrats immune from this plague of racism and hate? Not if one looks at the cowardly failure of the White House and many Congressional Democrats to stand up against  the Republicans' appeal to anti-immigrant bigotry in order to pass their larger agenda of redistributing wealth upward.

Just as the Democrats are afraid to stand up against the Republicans' assaults on unions, Social Security, Medicare and all other progressive advances of the past 75 to 100 years that have made the middle class possible in America, the Democrats are also afraid to stand up for immigrant rights. Not only immigrants, but all Americans are the losers because of this shameful abdication of responsibility and lack of courage. The Democrats too, have become infected with the anti-immigrant virus.