By Richard M. Green

On Monday, August 1, 2011, while the House of Representatives was welcoming Representative Gabrielle Giffords back to the floor and voting on the debt deal, the House also passed a bill that will ease the immigration process for members of the armed forces. 

With a vote of 426 to 0, the House of Representatives passed HR 398.  If enacted into law, this bill will toll the 90 day filing period for conditional permanent residents to remove conditions from permanent residency while either the US citizen or non-citizen spouse is serving abroad in active-duty military or naval service.  This bill will also suspend any interview on a petition to remove conditions from residence until the service member returns from an overseas deployment.

After passage by the House, this bill was sent over to the Senate.  It will it will be heard in September after the summer recess.  If passed by the Senate, HR. 398 will be sent to President Obama for his signature.