According to a Headline in the September 26 ID, Michele Bachmann is out there again attacking in-state tuition for unauthorized students (I prefer that term to "undocumented", which is not always accurate, or "illegal", which is accurate, but has become a virtual synonym for "Latino", as used by the anti-immigrant hate groups).

According to another Headline in the same ID issue, nativist groups are now ramping up their attacks on authorized ("legal", "documented") immigrants by trying to make them scapegoats for the bad economy and high unemployment. When have we heard this before? Open up a book about almost any period in American history.

What does this mean for the current administration and President Obama's re-election chances?Only one thing - no matter how many non-criminal immigrants he continues to deport, families he breaks up, American children he leaves without a parent or breadwinner; no matter how many skilled foreign professionals are denied approval of petitions or visas for no good reason or have them held up by meritless, politically motivated RFE's, the anti-immigrant right will never vote to re-elect Obama. There will always be a more extreme anti-immigrant position that the demagogues and hate groups will try to exploit.

I am not even mentioning the right wing nuts who think that Obama himself is America's "Illegal Immigrant In Chief". As the president himself says, even if he built a fence, the antis would want a moat. Even if he built a moat, they would want to put alligators in it. Then why is the president himself continuing to build a fence separating his Department of Homeland Security from any actions that would show real fairness, justice or compassion to minority immigrants? Why is he still throwing them in a moat with the twin alligators of deportation and unjustified petition and visa denials?