As Danielle Beach-Oswald describes in detail in her October 12 blogging, the mania of legislating anti-immigrant bigotry at the state level has now spread far beyond Alabama and Georgia (with their dismal histories of slavery and segregation) or Arizona (home of Goldwater extremism in the 1960's and the last state to recognize the birthday of Martin Luther King as a holiday). This tide of hate has now reached the relatively liberal state of Pennsylvania, where anti-immigrant laws are now under consideration by the legislature in the capital city of Harrisburg.

Harrisburg has also just filed for bankruptcy. Financial bankruptcy is now going hand in hand with a bankrupt immigration policy. Can that city handle two bankruptcies at the same time? Should this not also be a warning to the federal government, which is allegedly heading toward insolvency, even as it pursues its own empty anti-immigration policies? Barack Obama, please nota bene.