Two items in the October 18 ID show the extent to which immigration is being taken over by sheer insanity. One article reports that a small company in Washington State has been fined more than $170,000 as the result of an ICE investigation into I-9 irregularities. It appears that most, if not all, of the (admittedly numerous) I-9 violations were merely due to careless record-keeping, not any intent to evade the immigration laws.

There did not seem to have been any pattern of hiring unauthorized immigrants. This raises an interesting historical question: in Salem, Massachusetts, did they also fine the witches before burning them? 

Another item in the same ID issue states that GOP presidential candidate Herman Cain (of the electrified fence wing) is meeting with Maricopa County, Arizona, Sheriff Joe Arpaio to discuss immigration, following a similar meeting between Arpaio and Michele Bachmann, who advocates passing Arizona style anti-immigrant hate laws in every state. According to the same item, Republican front runners Mitt Romney and Rick Perry (of the GOP's "have a heart" wing) have also made calls to Arpaio.

Among the many human rights violations which Arpaio has been accused of, one that stands out is his allegedly forcing immigration detainees to wear pink underwear. Pink was the color that gay inmates were forced to wear in Nazi concentration camps. Is this the person whom the Republicans are looking to as their kingmaker next year? One message from the GOP is coming across loud and clear: "If you are Latino, don't vote Republican."

In fact, if many Republican state legislatures have their way with strict voter ID requirements, Latinos and other minorities will not be able to vote at all. This raises the question why President Obama is also eager to drive away Latino voters. Insanity, thy name is immigration.