Herman Cain's clownish, grotesque candidacy for the highest office in the land may have crashed in flames on Holloween, when obviously inconsistent statements that he made about an apparent settlement of alleged sexual harassment claims some 15 or 20 years ago came to the surface. Cynics, or perhaps realists, are already seeing the long hand of Karl Rove.

Rove, evidently, unlike the great majority of Republicans who seem to be answering the pollsters, actually wants his party to win next year's presidential election. Therefore, Cain had to go. The Republicans already have a big enough problem with other ludicrous, obviously unfit presidential candidates. No one should minimize the seriousness of sexual harassment as a disqualification to be president of the United States, though even without this issue, Cain would already be disqualified because of the money he has reportedly taken from the Koch brothers.

But, even if it were certain that Cain had made inappropriate statements or suggestions to two anonymous women and then tried to cover this up, something which is very far from having been proven as of this writing, we have to ask which is more serious: using inappropriate language toward women, or calling for the electrocution of thousands of women - and men -  trying to enter the United States to escape poverty and drug cartel terror, and then passing it off as a joke.

Both are horrible. But judging from the headlines, the former is more serious in today's America. That says something about our society. Not something good.