Herman Cain, who called for building a fence along the Mexican border that would electrocute anyone trying to come to the US without permission, and then tried to dismiss it as a joke, has now run into his own personal third rail, namely continuing allegations of sexual misconduct. Is there not a law of cause and effect operating here?

A man who was willing to appeal to anti-Mexican and anti-immigrant prejudice to the point of advocating the potential killing of thousands of people (in addition to the thousands who have already reportedly died at the border), now finds his own presidential hopes on life support. This is because of allegations (unproven, to be sure), that he had as little respect for the dignity of women (including his own wife, according to the latest charge that he carried on an extramarital affair) as he did for the lives of Latin-American immigrants seeking to escape poverty or persecution for a better life in America, as so many European and Asian immigrants have done before them.

Now that we are able to say adios to Cain, the question is: who will be the last man standing in the Republican field? Signs now point to Newt Gingrich, no stranger either to marital infidelity or to the most vicious use of hatred - against Muslims, rather than Mexicans, to gain political points. 

Would the Republicans not be better off with a different type of candidate? About personal life, I say nothing. But would it not be wise for the GOP to find someone who does not need to rely on bigotry and prejudice to get votes? Or would abandoning the use of hate against minorities cause too many sparks to fly in the Republican camp? What happens next should be interesting, if not illuminating.