Just as immigration law and policy are reflections of the politics of immigration, political developments are also a reflection of a broader issue. This issue involves the battle between the bigots, who want America to become something it has never been in its history (at least not entirely) - a narrow, closed society, dominated by an upper class, white, Christian elite, which has no tolerance and no room for ethnic, religious or life-style minorities; and those who believe in the ideals that this country was founded on: openness, tolerance, diversity, and equality of opportunity.

Immigration policy is only one part of this ongoing conflict. Also at issue are the struggle over gay rights and women's reproductive rights, the attempts in many states to disenfranchise minority American citizens though voter ID laws and other moves to make registration and voting more difficult, and the movement to break down the wall of separation between religion and the state.

On one hand, there is the party of bigotry - the Republican party, especially its Tea Party wing. It is no accident that its only two viable presidential candidates stand for its two pillars of hate - Romney, with his pandering to the most extreme hard line anti-immigrant bigots, and Gingrich, the epitome of religious intolerance as one of America's most outspoken purveyors of hate against US Muslims.

On the other hand, there is a party that is supposed to represent tolerance and fairness for everyone in our society - led by a president whose background is a case study in diversity. But the Democrats are the party of cave-in to bigotry. Otherwise, why would this administration be deporting almost 400,000 immigrants each year? Why would it still be using the discredited and indefensible Defense of Marriage Act to deny green cards to and deporting, partners in same sex marriages? Why would it not be moving more forcefully to stop states from disenfranchising minority and less affluent US citizens? Why would it be so fixated on issuing RFE's and investigating or denying meritorious skilled worker petitions?

Those of us who are concerned with rights of immigrants need to do more to fight against all forms of intolerance.