My colleague Harry DeMell, who has contributed many outstanding articles to ID and whom I respect and admire for his scholarship and erudition, even when I do not always agree with his conclusions, has posted a comment to one of my recent bloggings in which he criticizes President Obama for neglecting the immigration issue. In this, Mr. DeMell speaks for almost everyone who cares about immigration. He also echoes a widespread feeling that 1) Willard Romney (hereinafter: "W") could not possibly be worse than Obama on immigration and that 2) W might need to do something about reform.

Of course, Obama has not exactly neglected immigration. E-Verify, Secure Communities, 400,000 deportations a year, a blizzard of RFE's and petition denials, and a pandemic of H-1B and I-9 investigations are not signs of neglect. What they are signs of is a cave-in to the bigots who want to purge America of minority immigrants, just as they are trying to purge America's voter rolls of minority US citizen voters in Florida and many other states.

If W is elected president as a result of the billion dollars worth of attack ads which Karl Rove and the Koch brothers are preparing to spend on his campaign, we may see some fast action from his administration on immigration. Here are some of the initiatives we might expect:

1) Massive federal grants of money and manpower to the states in order to help them enforce their Alabama and Arizona type immigrant persecution laws, possibly together with withholding federal funds for unrelated programs to states which do not pass their own versions. What, didn't W say during the 2012 campaign that the federal government should stay out of the states' affairs and not spend money to support them? Ha, ha, so long, suckers! That was only meant to apply when the states were trying to help minorities, not to kick them out

2) Quick enactment (assuming a Republican Congress) of a federal law similar to H.R. 3447 in 2005 making all immigration violations, even the most trivial and technical, felonies, and also making it a felony for US citizens to provide any form of "assistance" (i.e. medical help, legal advice, religious counseling or a car ride) to any non-citizen who has violated any immigration law or regulation, regardless of whether the person furnishing "assistance" knows this or not,

3) Action to nullify the 14th Amendment's guarantee of birthright citizenship to all US born-children, either through statute, or by a lawsuit attempting to overturn the 1898 Supreme Court decision of US v. Wong Kim Ark,

4) An immediate end to "prosecutorial discretion"; and raising the annual deportation target to 1,000,000 men, women and children per year, to be financed through a massive tax increase on everyone earning less than $250,000 per year. (So long, suckers, redux.)

5) A moratorium on all further immigration until all of the estimated 12 million people in the country without authorization are either deported or "self-deport". 

This is the kind of immigration "reform" we could expect to see from a Willard Romney administration, if the money from Karl and the Brothers K is enough to buy the election and put W in the White House in November.

By the way, the Washington Post has reported that Heydi Mejia, the Virginia high school student who was scheduled to be deported with her mother to Guatemala right after Heydi's graduation, has been granted a one-year reprieve by ICE, along with her mother. This ray of humanity is welcome. Would W have done the same? But what about all the other people whose lives are being destroyed and families broken up by Obama's cowardly attempt to gain white supremacist votes?

This is the choice we will have in November - between Barack's backstabbing, betrayal and broken promises on immigration, and Willard's even worse willing welcome to the wild and woolly anti-immigrant agenda. Which will we get?