Obama vs. romney

The November presidential election will have a drastic effect on the lives of immigrants living
in the United States.  The two candidates' views on immigration are as different as night and day. 
Consequently, should Romney win, it will become much more difficult for illegal immigrants to
secure a foothold in America. 

At present, Romney is completely against granting amnesty to those immigrants who have come to
the Untied States by unlawful means.  Although he supports immigration, he only approves of
immigrants coming to the US through lawful channels.  He firmly stated that this nation should
cease providing incentive for people to cross its borders without obtaining proper documentation
first.  In fact, Romney did just that when he was governor of Massachusetts - he vetoed
legislation that would allow illegal immigrants to pay in-state tuition.  He is also in favor
of completing and strengthening the fence on the US-Mexico border and of enhancing employment
verification systems.

Obama, on the other hand, is much more lenient towards illegal immigrants.  In a July 1, 2011
speech at American University's School of International Service, he stated that, "we have to
demand responsibility from people living here illegally... They must be required to admit that
they broke the law.  They should be required to register, pay their taxes, pay a fine and learn
English... They must get right with the law before they can get in line and earn their citizenship." 
Furthermore, he is in favor of granting amnesty to those illegal immigrants who were brought to
the US as children and are valuable members to society.  Mr. Obama believes that what our
country needs is immigration reform that will make our borders more secure and that will crack
down on those employers who exploit an illegal workforce.

Thereby, Obama wants to create a way for the twelve million illegal immigrants living in the
United States to eventually become citizens, whereas Romney opposes this entirely and wants
the illegals deported.   These two candidates' stances on immigration will play a large role
in the election, and we hope that in the end twelve million people will be given the opportunity
to live the American dream. 

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