Just in case anyone thought that the Republican-controlled House of Representatives might be open to good faith negotiations on immigration reform, once its demands for border security are met (i.e., alligators in the moat), the GOP members showed their true colors on Thursday.

With only six Republicans opposing (and with the support of three cowardly Democrats) the House passed an amendment to a Department of Homeland Security spending bill which would cut off funding for the two initiatives announced by the administration last year concerning deferred deportation for DREAMERS and termination of deportation proceedings for "low-priority" immigrants. See, Huffington Post, Steve King Amendment Passes House to Deport More Dreamers, June 6; and Politico, House sends message to Obama on deportations, June 6.

By passing this amendment, which was sponsored by Representative Steve King (R-Iowa), who has stated that diversity is bad for America (see Huffington Post, August 2, 2012), House Republicans have firmly placed themselves on the side of bigotry (once again).

How can they be expected to negotiate or accept any kind of immigration reform? Even though this amendment has no chance of becoming law in the face of opposition by the Democratic-controlled Senate and White House, it still sends a message to CIR supporters and to the nation.

The message is that all of the conferences and statements about reform, not to mention the now apparently defunct bipartisan House reform group, are nothing more than smokescreens for die hard House GOP opposition to any type of reform.

As far as the House GOP is concerned, the Republican party is the party of deportation, pure and simple. How will immigration supporters respond to this attempt to reinstate the failed policy of "self-deportation?" And when will America's Deporter in Chief call a halt to the record number of removals which are still taking place?