A new poll conducted by three pro-reform groups shows that there is "overwhelming, bipartisan support" for the Senate Gang of Eight's (GOE) immigration reform bill in the 29 states surveyed, ranging from strongly Republican Idaho and Utah to solidly Democratic ones such as Illinois and Maine, according to a June 13 Politico article: Poll: Huge support for immigration reform. Here is the link:


But why should anti-immigrant Congressional Republicans care about what the American people want with regard to immigration reform, any more than they cared about the overwhelming public support for gun control? Catering to anti-Latino bigots has higher priority, it seems.

At least that appears to be the thinking of Senator John Cornyn (R-TX) and other Senate Republicans who intend to move ahead with his amendment to the GOE's CIR bill. The amendment would impose difficult, if not impossible, Border Security (BS) conditions for green card status for presently unauthorized immigrants.

Their obvious intention is either to keep up to 11 million Latino and other non-white immigrants in legal limbo forever (and stop them from becoming citizens and voting Democratic), or to kill the bill outright by dividing the pro immigration coalition and moving the bill so far to the right that Democrats will finally get tired of throwing people under the bus in order to get a bill through, and will withdraw their support.

Not only Democrats such as Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, who has called the Cornyn Amendment a "poison pill", but other Republicans such as GOE member John McCain (R-AZ), are protesting against this cynical and hypocritical strategy.

The Huffington Post reports on June 12 as follows about McCain's comment on the Border Security (BS) issue:

"He [John McCain] said he wasn't surprised the debate has turned so much to the border. 'I knew that it would...That's because in some of these people's minds you could have the Berlin Wall and it wouldn't be secure enough.' "

See, Huffington Post: John Cornyn Immigration Reform Amendment Decried as 'Poison Pill' (June 12)


The American people want immigration reform. They want legal status for up to 11 million minority immigrants who are in this country without permission, due to an immigration system distorted by race and class biases which have been part of our law for far too long. 

When will our representatives finally listen to the American people on immigration reform, instead of only giving us more Border Security (BS)?