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February 19, 2009

1.  Comment: A Class Apart
2.  Focus: Today Is The Deadline For Removal For Experts
3.  Articles:
    (a) The H-1B Visa Program In An Economic Downturn by Adam
    (b) Why Our Company Needs Immigrants by Michael C. Maibach
    for the Foundation For Economic Education
    (c) Bloggings On Immigration Law And Policy by Greg Siskind
4.  News:
    (a) DOS Cable On B-1 Visas For Missionaries
5.  Classifieds:
    (a) CLE Immigration Event
    (b) Help Wanted: Immigration Attorney
    (c) Help Wanted: Immigration Attorney
    (d) Website Services
    (e) Immigration Law Certificate
6.  Headlines:
    (a) Immigration Tale Crosses Line Into Soap Opera
    (b) Man Sentenced In NEPA Immigration Case
    (c) Haiti Blocks US Deportations
    (d) Study Faults Local Immigration Enforcement
7.  ComingsNGoings:
    (a) New Appointment
8.  Letters From:
    (a) Roger Algase, Esq.
    (b) Sergi Sheplov
    (c) Robert Yang


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A Class Apart

The Austin American-Statesman
reports on "A Class Apart", a documentary  exploring the landmark
1954 US Supreme Court decision in Hernandez v. Texas.
"Relatively and lamentedly unknown in the broader pantheon of the
civil rights movement, Hernandez v. Texas helped establish equal
protection under the law for Mexican Americans, who though they
had U.S. citizenship since 1848 suffered treatment as second-
class citizens for generations. By successfully challenging that
widespread, Jim Crow-style discrimination, Hernandez v. Texas
became a seminal moment in the civil rights struggle, forever
transforming the lives of Mexican Americans." The documentary is
scheduled to air on PBS's "American Experience" on Monday,
February 23.

We welcome readers to share their opinion and ideas with us by
writing to mailto:editor@ilw.com.

Today Is The Deadline For Removal For Experts

Wednesday, Feb 18th is the deadline for "Removal For Experts" a
3-part telephone seminar series, the curriculum is as follows:

FIRST Phone Session on February 19: Right to Counsel in Removal
++ Statute/regulations explaining the right to representation in
removal proceedings
++ EOIR attorney disciplinary regulations
++ Lozada vs. Compean

SECOND Phone Session on March 19: The Changing Definition of
Crimes of Moral Turpitude

++ The Categorical and Modified Categorical Approaches
++ BIA Case Law with a Focus on Matter of Silva-Trevino
++ Federal Circuit Court Case Law

THIRD Phone Session on April 16: Litigation Tactics in Removal

++ Motions to Continue, Administratively Close or Terminate
++ Motions to Change Venue
++ Motions to Suppress
++ Discovery
++ Contesting Charges in the Notice to Appear
++ Objections
++ Authentication of Documents and Responding to FDL Reports

Don't wait to register. Wednesday, February 18th is the deadline!
For more info, including speaker bios, detailed curriculum, and
registration information, please see: Online:
http://www.ilw.com/seminars/200905.shtm Fax form:

(a) The H-1B Visa Program In An Economic Downturn

Adam Ketcher writes "What must an H-1B employer do to properly
wrap up the immigration end of this business relationship and
what can the employee do to preserve his or her status?"

(b) Why Our Company Needs Immigrants

Michael C. Maibach for the Foundation For Economic Education
writes "No one country has a monopoly on brains. If we are to
remain competitive, we must be free to choose among the best
people available, wherever they might come from."

(c) Bloggings On Immigration Law And Policy

Greg Siskind writes "New Homeland Security Secretary Janet
Napolitano had an interview with NPR's Madeleine Brand where she
discusses her priorities for DHS."

To submit an Article for consideration, write to
4.  NEWS

(a) DOS Cable On B-1 Visas For Missionaries

This DOS cable discusses the B-1 visa as an option for religious

(a) CLE Immigration Event
Memphis, TN - (May 15-16, 2009) The Federal Bar Association and
AILA Mid South Chapter invite you to join us for one of the most
exciting regional immigration conferences you will attend this
year. The confirmed speaker line-up is a who's who, including
respected AILA attorneys and government officials including
chairman of BIA, US Court of Appeals judge, director of OIL,
current and former immigration judges. This conference offers
opportunity to hear from a panel of ICE and CIS supervisors
discuss local priorities that affect the mid-South and
nationwide. Mingle with faculty without large crowds.  This
intimate setting is perfect for both new and experienced
practitioners alike. Program includes special programs for pro
bono attorneys + criminal lawyers. Earn up to 16 CLE hours and
have fun too. Early bird deadline is April 30th. For more info,
including speakers, curriculum, and registration, see here.

(b) Help Wanted: Immigration Attorney
Redmond, WA - Are you ready to make a significant impact on an
industry leader? Would you like to have the ability to contribute
to the success of many businesses and products in the technology
arena as well as make a positive impact on individuals and their
families' lives? If you do, come join us at Microsoft as a US
Immigration Attorney. We are a diverse and global company that
makes a significant positive impact on 600 million plus customers
worldwide. The Microsoft Corporation Legal & Corporate Affairs
Global Migration department plays an integral role in helping
hiring managers and recruiters hire and on board the best and
brightest. If you are ready to make a difference and learn and
grow in the US Immigration arena, we offer an opportunity like no
other. This position requires excellent academic credentials, 4-6
years experience in all NIV business visas, labor certifications,
and other business-related immigration matters. Strong case
management, customer facing, communication and writing skills
required. Full relocation package offered. To view detailed job
description and apply, see here.

(c) Help Wanted: Immigration Attorney
Beverly Hills, CA - Busy immigration law firm has immediate
opening for experienced, hard-working and creative self-starter.
Candidate must be able to thrive in challenging, trial-oriented
environment where deadlines are critical, must be active bar
member (any jurisdiction), and have experience in handling
nonimmigrant business and/or NIV visas and consular practice,
PERM, family, removal proceedings, as well as BIA and Circuit
Court Appeals, and federal litigation. Must have following:
demonstrate quick analytical ability and facility to articulate
critical issues in case; have superior oral and writing skills,
strong research and interpersonal skills, and good judgment;
possess excellent courtroom skills and exhibit ability to work in
professional manner with others, demonstrate computer literacy
skills. Expected to do own legal research and writing and to be
substantially self-sufficient in preparing day-to-day
correspondence/pleadings. Occasional travel required; bilingual a
plus, but not essential (spanish or korean) No relocation
reimbursement. Send cover letter, resume, + writing sample (max.
10 pps. in MS Word or Adobe PDF format) to

(d) Website Services
Gain the competitive edge with your new website from INSZoom, the
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(e) Immigration Law Certificate
Master the complex and ever changing maze of immigration policies
and regulations with the Immigration Law Studies Certificate
Program offered by CUNY's School of Professional Studies. This
graduate-level certificate program, consisting of (3) three-
credit classes, offers students who complete it a comprehensive
understanding of the laws, regulations, and processes surrounding
the status of immigrants in the US, including family and
employment-based immigration and deportation defense. It is
designed for individuals working in law firms, companies,
government agencies and nonprofit organizations where they
interact with immigrants and immigrant legal concerns on a
regular basis and would therefore benefit from greater knowledge
of the laws and regulations surrounding immigration. Beginning
this spring, the program is also being offered online. For more
information on class schedules, tuition and fees, course
applications and to register, see here.
6.  Headlines

(a) Immigration Tale Crosses Line Into Soap Opera

The surprising success of "Crash" seems to have encouraged other
filmmakers who yearn to make socially conscious ensemble movies.

(b) Man Sentenced In NEPA Immigration Case

A man who helped run a business that found illegal immigrants
factory work throughout Northeast Pennsylvania will serve more
than five years in prison.

(c) Haiti Blocks US Deportations

U.S. immigration authorities have ordered 30,000 Haitians to
leave the country, but Haitian officials are refusing to issue
the travel documents needed for the deportations.

(d) Study Faults Local Immigration Enforcement

A new report says that local immigration enforcement programs
have "created a climate of racial profiling and community
insecurity" in communities across North Carolina.

For links to the above stories see here:
7.  ComingsNGoings

Readers can share their professional announcements (100-words or
fewer at no charge), email: mailto:editor@ilw.com. To feature
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(a) New Appointment
The Executive Office for Immigration Review (EOIR) announced that
three immigration judges were sworn in today during an
investiture ceremony at EOIR Headquarters in Falls Church, Va.
Acting Chief Immigration Judge Thomas Snow administered the oath
of office to Thomas W. Janas, Cleveland Immigration Court; John
R. O'Malley, Kansas City Immigration Court; and Rene D. Mateo,
Miami Immigration Court.

Readers are welcome to share their comments, email:
mailto:editor@ilw.com  (300-words or fewer preferred).
Many letters to the Editor refer to past correspondence,
available in our archives.

(a) Dear Editor:
Some recent ID letters have argued that there is no racial
discrimination in the US immigration system. The visa waiver
program currently includes 35 countries. Three of them, Japan,
South Korea and Brunei, are located in East Asia. All the rest
are in Europe, except for Australia and New Zealand. Case closed.
Roger Algase, Esq.                
New York, NY

(b) Dear Editor:
I share Gittelson's letter's (2/18/09 ID) frustration with
writers to Immigration Daily who fail to articulate a solution
other than "enforce existing laws" which clearly is not
efffective or we wouldn't have 11-12 million people without
authorization to be here. The name calling "open borders
advocates" etc, doesn't support the arguments and it undermines
the writers credibility. I as patriotic as my next door neighbor
and would like to see sensible solutions that "do no harm". We
are not in a state of anarchy nor is there an imminent threat of
it. Our soverienty isn't undermined by individual migrant workers
picking tomatoes.  Its odd an "conservative" response  to abandon
the "small government" mantra to create a police state that will
encroach on each and every one of our lives. Do we want to be
randomly stopped by a government agent to "show my papers" at
traffic stops in 287(g) cities?  The whole thing feels so "un-
American".  In their punative zeal, how quickly we abandon the
principle of punishing the "criminal" for a crime to now thinking
up ever more engenious ways to penalize close relatives as well.
Lest we forget these are "civil" administrative violations and
most of the advocates are pushing for relief from draconian
provisions of existing laws, not "amnesty". No one said there
would be no punishment, just a movement for a system that
recognizes the damage current law is inflicting on our citizens,
communities and our economy.  Largely our discussions have been
about nuclear family benefits or workers rights to fair
treatment. I dare say from comments made here, many of those
advocating for enforcement would sacrifice a real reduction in
the number of illegals for the pleasure of watching Sherrif Joe
parade people up and down the street.
Sergi Sheplov

(c) Dear Editor:
What is it meant to be an American? What about nationhood? Yes,
we're Americans, but does it mean we ignore the inconvenient
truth that all immigration laws here and also in all developed
nations are nothing but protectionism and apartheid policies to
keep others to compete and "steal" jobs from whoever inside the
"fences" ? How can we preach about our ideals and human rights to
the world, while we deny many of their rights to pursue
happiness, equal opportunities, liberty and prosperity while many
of them have much more skills, education and qualification to
earn much better? We, Americans are spoiled and selfish, pardon
me to say this harsh truth, thinking that being Americans is such
a previlege and an entitlement to automatic prosperity without
earning it while many others living and working at the other
parts of this planet must be happy to earn a fraction of we get
here while they work harder and they posses better skills and
education than us.  We, Americans must learn many other
languages, master more skills, get serious in schools not
partying all night then we can justify why we must earn $ 100 K a
year salary or income. Today, we have telepresence, telemedicine,
telesurgery, teleconference and rapid advance internet technology
that really make immigration restriction obsolete. With sky high
debt and deficit, foreigners will say enough is enough to hold
our debt and start dumping our US dollar, and they'll surely say
the free "buffet" and party for Americans is over. Yes, it's
scary, but this time is not for whining but working and learning
Robert Yang
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