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September 21, 2010


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1. Comment: DREAM Deferred 56 To 43 - The Defense Authorization
Bill failed its first cloture vote by 56 for to 43 against (with
60 votes needed for victory, and Republican Senator Murkowski of
Alaska absent). The Democratic Judases were Senators Pryor and
Lincoln of Arkansas (Senator Reid voted against, only to preserve
his procedural right to recall the legislation to the floor in
this Congress). Clearly, Senator Reid and President Obama were
not sufficiently convincing (so far) in their efforts with the
two Democratic Senators from Arkansas. On the other hand, many
other fence-sitting Democratic Senators took a firm stance today,
which is a good sign. It is likely that Senator Reid will bring
this bill back for another cloture vote soon. The reason is as
follows. The three Democratic constituencies that have been
railroaded throughout the 111th Congress by the Democratic
leadership have been the LGBT community (who have not gotten a
repeal of DADT), the immigrant community (who have gotten nothing
but increased deportations) and the Unions (who have not gotten
card check). Since Unions have also strongly been in favor of
immigration legislation (needed to bolster their membership), it
is not surprising that, faced with the specter of imminent defeat
about 6 weeks from today, the Democratic leadership attempted to
win on both issues - DADT and DREAM - today.
It is highly unlikely that any one of these three core Democratic
constituencies will be mollified by this token effort by the
Democratic leadership. At a minimum, another cloture vote is
necessary with Senators Pryor and Lincoln voting YES along with
all of their Democratic colleagues. Furthermore, President Obama
and Majority Leader Reid need to make such deals as are necessary
to break the filibuster. After nearly two years of total and
complete inaction on the issues that matter to LGBT, immigrants
and unions, the fact that we are now at the absolute 11th hour is
completely the decision of the Democratic leadership for which
they can and will be held accountable in November. It is not
possible for Democrats about to lose their seats to a huge
Republican wave to argue with a straight face to their core
constituents that they should continue to vote a Democratic
ticket no matter how many times they are thrown under the bus. In
particular, we expect the LGBT community to hold the Democratic
leadership accountable and make Democrats pay at the ballot booth
(the immigrant community will join in on making Democrats pay the
price for failure).
We once again repeat - it is unfair to blame the Republicans for
doing what all opposition parties always do, which is to oppose
the majority party. The current Democratic leadership repeatedly
took cold, calculated, cynical, decisions throughout 2009 and
2010 to throw key Democratic concerns out the window in favor of
their favored bills (the health bill and the climate bill). In
particular, President Obama broke his solemn campaign promise to
do something on immigration in his first year in office. To add
insult to injury, Mr. Obama's underlings at DHS are on a huge
deportation spree, breaking more than a thousand immigrant
families each day (which they proudly boast about). With near-
super-majorities, the current Democratic leadership has no
excuses and no one else to blame.
We congratulate our readers for their valiant phone call efforts
to convince Senators about the importance of including DREAM.
Thanks to you (and to the great efforts by DailyKos/SEIU), for
the first time in the history of Congressional phone campaigns on
immigration bills, the pro-side defeated the anti-side in the
number of phone calls made on Monday and Tuesday. We may have to
repeat the performance as soon as Mr. Reid schedules the next
cloture vote, stay tuned.

2. Article: The Certainty of Change and Risk in Investment
Immigration by Lincoln Stone

3. Article: Frequently Requested Statistics on Immigrants and
Immigration in the United States by Aaron Terrazas and Jeanne
Batalova for the Migration Information Source

4. Article: Rare Moment Of Honesty by Greg Siskind

5. Article: Issue Paper: Prior Conviction Sentencing Enhancements
in Illegal Re-entry Cases are Unjust by Matthew Kolken

6. News: USCIS Updates H-1B Cap Count

7. News: USCIS Asylum Division Provides Stakeholder Meeting

8. News: CRS Report On Central American Asylum Seekers:
Impact of 1996 Immigration Law

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10. Headline: 2010 General Election Absentee Voting Information
for U.S. Citizens Abroad http://ow.ly/2HGP9
11. Headline: Ralliers March to Support Dream Act
12. Headline: Senator Pryor (D-Arkansas) also defected on DREAM
13. Headline: Lincoln (D-Arkansas) defected on DREAM
14. Headline: Activists urge Boston police to end immigration
checks http://ow.ly/2HGiJ
15. Headline: Senator Reid votes NO, so he can bring DREAM back
to the floor as early as today
16. Headline: Obama Is Our 'Me First' Point Guard, Especially On
Immigration http://ow.ly/2HGco
17. Headline: Motion not agreed to DREAM
18. Headline: Education Secretary Pushes for Action Now on
Immigration Proposal http://ow.ly/2HG6m
19. Headline: If party line votes continue we are looking at
59-40 on DREAM (Murkowski is not present)
20. Headline: All party line votes so far on DREAM
21. Headline: PERM Book 2d. Ed: Your Book for PERM Rule, Analysis
and Comments, ETA forms, Memos, Roadmaps & Checklists. Get your
copy http://ow.ly/2uN1r
22. Headline: After the vote, the work is not over: Making the
DREAM Real- fellowships and grants for immigrants
23. Headline: Looking for the best candidate? Carry your help
wanted ad on Immigration Daily. Find out more details at
24. Headline: Immigration Lawyer Congressional Candidate
Criticized By Anti-Immigrant Democratic Congressman
25. Headline: Whole ACT-INA, 20/22/28 CFR and Citations: the most
respected reference immigration materials by PJ Patel available
at http://ow.ly/2uMXx

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1. Help Wanted: Immigration Attorney
Calgary, Canada - Egan LLP,
a part of Ernst & Young's global alliance of independent law
firms, seeks an associate lawyer to manage multiple and
challenging U.S. business immigration engagements and to
contribute to the delivery of solutions and ideas for our diverse
clients. This position offers excellent opportunities for
teaming, leadership, and career advancement to the right
candidate. Responsibilities: Demonstrate a solid understanding of
U.S. business immigration law and effectively, apply this
knowledge to client situations, prepare and submit applications
for U.S. employment authorizations, permanent residence,
citizenship and passport matters, make submissions to U.S.
embassies, consulates and visa posts worldwide, facilitate the
legal movement of employees across borders for business travel,
deal with immigration-related issues ranging from expatriate and
international corporate taxation to social security, provincial
health insurance and immigrant trusts, manage law clerks and
other client service team members. Qualifications needed: Law
degree along with a U.S. call to the bar (dual Canadian-U.S. call
to the bar would be an asset), two to four years of post-call
business immigration experience, broad exposure to U.S.
immigration law, excellent managerial, organizational and
verbal/written communication skills. Ernst & Young is committed
to diversity and equity. Please submit your resumes to Thomas
Byun at mailto:thomas.byun@ca.ey.com.

2. Help Wanted: Immigration Professional
Secaucus, NJ - Ernst & Young
seeks Visa and Immigration Coordinator, who is responsible for
assisting Ernst & Young employees with US visa matters and works
closely with our immigration counsel on a daily basis. This
individual is responsible for counseling employees on various
types of US visas such as H-1B, L-1, TN, F-1, J-1, PERM and green
card stages and advises when and the types of various work visas
are required. The V&I Coordinator is responsible to ensure that
all employees are in compliance with firm's policy as well as US
immigration laws. This professional will assist with internal
consultation on immigration matters and assist in the
coordination with the law firm to process the appropriate
immigration application. This is a
junior level position.  Bachelor's degree in a related discipline
or equivalent work experience required. Approximately 2 years
experience in US Business Immigration, international exposure and
cultural awareness a plus.
Must have ability to work with government agencies, foreign
embassies and outside counsel. To apply, visit
and enter job number SEC0006A.

3. Help Wanted: Immigration Paralegal
Chicago, IL - Immigration practice
seeks an experience immigration paralegal. Candidate will work as
part of a team of attorneys and professional support staff
assisting multinational companies primarily with their U.S.
immigration requirements. The job involves extensive client
contact and utilization of state-of-the-art case preparation and
management systems to prepare, track, and manage cases in
process. Congenial and dynamic environment. Only candidates with
immigration experience should apply. Send resume and writing
samples to mailto:chicagocareers@fragomen.com.

4. Help Wanted: Immigration Paralegal
Downtown Washington, D.C. firm
seeks a well-rounded, mature and responsible Senior Immigration
Paralegal with a minimum of 4 years experience in both family and
business immigration cases, including consular processing, all
non-immigrant visas and PERM.  Preference given to those with
demonstrated EB-5 experience.  Bilingual Spanish/English speaker
preferred.  Must have a Bachelor's degree and excellent native-
level English writing skills.  We are a boutique immigration firm
with a fast-paced yet collegial atmosphere and no billable hours
requirements.  Please email resume, references, writing sample
and cover letter with salary expectations to
mailto:ypichardo@paulhaarlaw.com.  No calls please.

5. Help Wanted: Immigration Attorney
Memphis, TN - Siskind Susser's
Memphis office seeks an experienced attorney  to join the
employment-based immigration team. Experience in physician
immigration, I-9/E-Verify/employer compliance,
entertainment/sports and/or general business immigration are all
a plus. Please email resume to Greg Siskind at
mailto:gsiskind@visalaw.com. No calls please and no candidates
from recruiters at this time.

6. Help Wanted: Immigration Paralegal
Memphis, TN - Siskind Susser's
Memphis office seeks an experienced paralegal to join the
employment-based immigration team. Experience in physician
immigration, I-9/E-Verify/employer compliance,
entertainment/sports and/or general business immigration are all
a plus. Please email resume to Greg Siskind at
mailto:gsiskind@visalaw.com. No calls please and no candidates
from recruiters at this time.

7. Immigrant Tax Services
Are you worried that your clients' tax returns might hurt their
adjustment, cancellation or consular processing case? Did you
know that clients making less than $46,000 qualify to obtain
retroactive refunds after they obtain Social Security Numbers via
any immigration process? Did you know that taxpayers can claim an
exemption for dependents residing in Mexico or Canada? Sam Rock,
principal of the Rock Law Group, specializes in taxes for
immigrants. He is an immigration lawyer, national speaker and has
published several AILA articles on the intersection of
immigration and income tax law. Contributor to tax section,
Kurzban's Immigration Law Sourcebook, 2010-11. With 10 years
experience preparing tax returns for immigrants, we can help you
understand your client's eligibility to file as head of household
and make dependent claims. Get your legal fees paid from your
clients' unclaimed tax refunds. Rush service in 48 hours.
Educating Haitian nationals
about retroactive tax credits available to Haitian recipients of
TPS. Services: original 1040s, amended returns, expert letters,
testimony, resolution of IRS tax debt, audits/exam from all
states and U.S. taxpayers living abroad. Competitive fees. Get
tax knowledge on your side. Contact: mailto:sam@rocklawgroup.com,
This is an advertisement by an attorney.

8. Translation Services
Certified translation accepted by the U.S. government since 1983.
Legal Language Services is the name to trust for the translation
of supporting documentation for visa and citizenship
applications. On a deadline? Rush service and same-day service is
also available. Mention this ad (code ILW123) for a limited-time
special discount of 25% off (up to $100.00)! See why thousands of
attorneys, law firms and government agencies choose LLS for on-
time, on-budget language services. Get a free, no-obligation
consultation: email mailto:immigration@legallanguage.com, call
1-800-788-0450 or visit us at

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ComingsNGoings: New Appointment The Executive Office For
Immigration Review swears in six new immigration judges. Deputy
Chief Immigration Judge Michael C. McGoings invested Saundra H.
Arrington, Rebecca L. Holt, Keith E. Hunsucker, Steven P. Logan,
Anibal D. Martinez and Robert L. Powell during a ceremony held at
the Executive Office for Immigration Review's (EOIR) headquarters
on September 17, 2010.

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