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August 20, 2012

Comment: How Long A Wait? - Visa Bulletin from the State Department and Border Wait Times from CBP are among the various government times you can find from our Processing Times page. Of course, you can also get the latest Priority Dates, and both Service Center and District Office Processing Times. We are pleased to announce that our Processing Times Page has be updated to include the USCIS National Processing Volumes and Trends. In addition to national trends for all forms, trends for the following forms are available: I-90, I-102, I-129 F, I-129, I-130 Imm Rel., I-130 Pref., I-131, I-140, I-360, I-485, I-526, I-539, I-600, I-751, I-765, I-817, I-821, I-824, I-829, I-914, I-918, N-400 Military, N-400 Non-Military, and N-600. Bookmark this useful page and have the information available at your fingertips!

Today's Obama's Childhood Arrivals Promise Graph

Article: E2 Visas - A New Bill In Congress by Zoe Adams

Article: Nightmare In Arizona: Governor Brewer's Nonsensical And Mean-Spirited Executive Order Against Dreamers by Cyrus Mehta

Blogging: Dream Orgs Charge - Is It Right? by DACA Field Report Blog

Blogging: Immigration Brainstorming And DREAMstorming by Angelo Paparelli

Blogging: USCIS: Misrepresentation, Or Knowing Failure To Disclose Facts On A DACA Or Work Authorization Application Will Result In Treatment As An Immigration Enforcement Priority by Matthew Kolken

Blogging: Family Takes to Social Media to Fight Separation Greg Siskind

Blogging: Thousands Of Dreamers Joyfully Embark On Their Journey Toward Deferred Action. How Many Of Them Will Reach Their Goal? And For How Long? by Roger Algase

News: Federal Register Includes Statement By Sec. Napolitano On TRIG Exemption

News: CBP Discontinues Stamping Form I-20 For Incoming Students

News: BIA Amends Matter of Arrabally/Yerrabelly Decision, Holding Advance Parole Is Not Necessarily A Departure Under INA Sec. 212(a)(9)(B)(i)(II)

Focus: The Physician Immigration Book - Shipping Now

ILW.COM is pleased to announce The Physician Immigration Book edited by Robert Aronson. Contributors are: Mary Amundson, Robert Aronson, Lisa Atkins, Therese Bart, Janice Bianco, Ingrid Brey, Brian Bruner, Elise Bruner, Jacqueline Bucar, Lisa Claypool, Kristi Crawford, Karen Dean, Alex Dgebuadze, Robert Divine, Goldie Domingue, Maria Fritzinger Elias, Eleanor Fitzpatrick, Roberta Freedman, Kristen Harris, Wendy Hess, Dayna Kelly, Khorzad Mehta, Jennifer Minear, Bruce Morrison, George Newman, Elizabeth Neuwirth, Ana Pottratz Acosta, Karen Pollins, Jennell Prentice, Elizabeth Quinn, Michelle Scimecca, Suzanne Seltzer, Carl Shusterman, Greg Siskind, Rita Sostrin, Tim Skinner, Sarah Peterson Strensrud, Margaret Stock, Hamel Vyas, Tracy Wallowicz, David Ware, Nathan Waxman, Andrew Wizner and Robert Whitehill

The book outline is as follows:


  • Healthigration: Immigration Meets Healthcare Reform by Robert Aronson


  • U.S. Physician Workforce Policy And The Role Of International Medical Graduates: Modest Proposals For A New Era by Kristen Harris

  • Immigration Attorneys And In-House Recruiters: The Essential Connection by Tim Skinner and Jennell Prentice

  • Rural Healthcare & Conrad 30 J-1 Waivers by Mary Amundson, and Therese Bart


  • The Evolution Of The J-1 Exchange Visitor Program And The Foreign Residence Obligation: How They Developed To Control Employment In Graduate Medical Education By International Medical Graduates by Ingrid K. Brey

  • ECFMG Role in Administering the J-1 Physician Program by Eleanor Fitzpatrick & Tracy Wallowicz

  • J-1 Clinical Training For Physicians: Institutional Consideration & Concepts by Lisa E. Claypool and Hamel Vyas

  • International Medical Graduates And The J-1 Exchange Visitor Program: Institutional Roles And Responsibilities by Janice Bianco


  • Physician Intake And Issue Spotting by Robert S. Whitehill


  • 50 Ways To 30 Waivers: The Conrad State 30 Program by Suzanne Seltzer

  • Fundamentals And Relevance Of Underserved Designations by Robert D. Aronson

  • Interested Government Agency (IGA) Clinical Waiver Programs by Goldie C. Domingue

  • The New Veterans Health Administration - Again? by Michelle M. Eaton Scimecca

  • J-1 Waivers Through the U.S. Department Of Health And Human Services (HHS) - Promoting Excellence And Impact In Biomedical Research by Elizabeth Quinn


  • Brief Overview Of Physician's Use Of H-1B Visa Category by George S. Newman

  • H-1B Visas For Physicians-In-Training: A Marathon Or An Obstacle Course? by Alexander Dgebuadze and Rita Sostrin

  • Tracking The Intractable: H-1B Fulfillment Issues For International Medical Graduates by Khorzad Mehta

  • A Look At Selected Cutting Edge Issues For H1-B International Medical Graduates by Andrew L. Wizner

  • CSpouses Should Derive More H-1B Time Along With The Green Card Process by Robert Divine

  • Who Calls The Shots: The Corporate Practice Of Medicine And Defining The Employer In H-1B Physician Cases by Jacqueline D. Bucar and Elizabeth M. Neuwirth


  • Alternative Non-Immigrant Visa Options For International Medical Graduates by Roberta Freedman and Lisa Atkins

  • Canadian Physicians - Separate And Unequal by Carl Shusterman


  • Threading The Needle: Counseling The International Medical Graduate On Options For Lawful Permanent Residence by Jennifer A. Minear

  • Traversing The Permanent Residence Landscape For International Medical Graduates: A Comparative Analysis by Brian T. Bruner

  • Take One Aspirin And A Zantac Before Proceeding: The Alien Labor Certification Process For Physicians by Wendy Castor Hess, Karen M. Pollins and Maria P. Fritzinger Elias

  • "Establishing Business Necessity In Physician Labor Certification: Is It Ever A Necessity? by Dayna Kelly

  • "The Special Handling Labor Certification In The Context Of Medical Schools by David Ware

  • Obtaining The NIW Attestation Letter Of Support: Practical Guidance And Considerations by Elise Bruner

  • Searching For The Five-Year Cure: Eligibility Issues Following Completion Of The Employment Obligation In NIW Cases by Robert Aronson and Ana Pottratz Acosta

  • Twelve Years After: Six Post - NYSDOT Physician NIWs: 2010 Update by Nathan Waxman and Karen L. Dean

  • Military Service As An Option For Foreign Health Care Professionals by Margaret D. Stock


  • The Legacy Of Kutty: Does Kutty Change Who Is Responsible For Paying H-1B Attorney Fees? by Sarah Peterson Stensrud


  • The Legislative Horizon For Physician Immigration by Greg Siskind

  • A Simpler Future For FMGs - The MD Visa by Bruce A. Morrison

For more info on The Physician Immigration Book and to order:


By Fax:

For more info on Business Immigration Law: Forms and Filings, see here. For the fax order form, see here.

Headline: Don't Fear the Police

Headline: Dream Orgs Charge - Is It Right?

Headline: Don't forget about Deferred Action Workshop. See

Headline: Immigration a focus of GOP debate in Senate race

Headline: Tomorrow 8/18 Deferred Action Workshop. For more info see here

Headline: Immigration Protection for Undocumented You

Headline: Free DACA workshop in Houston, TX - TOMORROW Saturday 8/18 @ 4pm hosted by @FIELHouston and Pam Bernett. Join us & RT!

Headline: A volunteer's story on the DACA application event in Chicago

Headline: Jan Brewer Immigration Order Met With Criticism, Protests

Headline: Last Second Victory

Headline: Immigration Compliance Book: Understand I-9 concepts, I-9 advanced topics and E-Verify. Get your copy today at

Headline: Immigration muddle

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Teleconference - September 13, 2012 - 2 PM (EST) - OSC is pleased to invite all interested stakeholders to participate in its first input Session to discuss draft version of "The Guidance - Best Practices for Employers Conducting Self-Audits of I-9 Forms." The session will aim to solicit public input on areas of confusion or concern for employers engaged in self-audits, and concerns that employees or employee groups have when employers conduct audits. To Participate, please call 15 min ahead at 888-790-2054, Passcode: AUDIT. For further information, or for requests for reasonable accommodations, write to:

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