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August 27, 2012

Comment: Party Line On Immigration - As the GOP convention draws near, the immigration plank of the party's platform is beginning to crystalize. If the GOP takes certain key elections, the party's platform could translate into our national immigration policy, which, in light of what is being proposed, is disconcerting, albeit unsurprising. The plank will feature the predominantly hard line - and completely unrealistic - policies championed by GOP candidates in recent month. The party has grown disturbingly radical in its rhetoric. The plank is likely to include an expanded foreign guest worker program, which sounds conciliatory at first, but was surely included to be attractive to the big businesses who crave new sources of cheap labor. Further, the plank is likely to also include plans complete a border fence along the U.S.-Mexico line, a wholesale end to allow undocumented students to pay in-state tuition at universities regardless of state policies, a ban on policies that help create sanctuary cites, and the mandatory use of e-verify. "In our party it has become a third rail political issue," said Brad Bailey, a Texas Republican with some moderate views on immigration, "[t]he rhetoric around immigration has just grown so intense that people are plain afraid to talk about it." While Bailey deserves credit for not toeing the party's hard line, his statement is not correct. Republicans have been happy to talk about immigration - what they have been unwilling to do is engage in any meaningful, legitimate debate about it. It is not working, and now we are seeing the tangible effects of that. Recall that this is a time when federal courts are telling the right "you've gone too far" time and time again. First, there was the initial series of decisions that largely dismantled the legislation passed in Arizona. In last Thursday's Immigration Daily, we carried three separate 11th Circuit decisions that all reached the same conclusion: immigration laws passed by Republican majorities in Alabama and Georgia improperly circumvented the federal government's role in setting immigration policy.

The GOP is moving further right at a time when it should be moving to the center, an area from which the Democrats are also scurrying away. The GOP has been this far from the status quo twice in its history - when Barry Goldwater ran on a platform of drastic economic and social program roll-backs and when Ronald Reagan sought to capitalize on the malaise felt by many Americans after a largely ineffective Carter administration. The difference was that Reagan showed a willingness to compromise on many issues and even concede a few while working towards attaining larger, more generalized success. Goldwater showed no such willingness and lost in what was, at the time, the biggest electoral college landslide in history. Will one of these fates befall the GOP in November? With immigration and other platform planks that will be so far out of sync with those of most Americans, does the GOP stand a chance to take the White House and other key offices in November? Share your thoughts with us at and continue reading here for more information about the immigration plank of the GOP platform.

Today's Obama's Childhood Arrivals Promise Graph

Article: They Still Have Their DREAM: Law Suit Against DREAMERs Will Go Nowhere by Cyrus D. Mehta and Gary Endelman

Blogging: Napolitano, Morton Sued By ICE Officers by DACA Field Report Blog

Blogging: Separation in Mexican Families by Danielle Beach-Oswald

Blogging: The American Dream Turns Into A Nightmare For Young American Children Whose Parents Are Deported by Roger Algase

News: DHS Releases Updated Fact Sheet On Impact of Counting Changes On Nonimmigrant Admissions

News: BALCA Decision Stating Any Travel Whatsoever Must Be Included In Job Ads, Pursuant To 20 CFR 656.17(f)(4)

Focus: Global Migration

Wednesday, August 29 is the deadline to sign up for the Thursday, August 30 phone session of "Global Migration" with Poorvi Chothani, Enrique Arellano, Daniela Lima and Other Speakers to be Announced. The curriculum is as follows:

FIRST Phone Session on August 30 - Brazil and Mexico

  • What are the permissible activities on a business visa in Mexico?
  • May I enter Brazil on a business visa for two weeks to conduct a workshop or train local staff?
  • Do we need a local sponsor to second staff to Mexico?
  • Is there a restriction on the number of foreign nationals a company can employ in Brazil?
  • Are there any tax and social security liabilities that we need to be aware of for these two countries?

SECOND Phone Session on September 20 - India and China

  • Can we send highly trained administrative staff to work in China?
  • Do I need an invitation letter to apply for a short-term business visa to visit India?
  • What are the permitted activities in China with a business visa?
  • Can I extend my business visa in China? If so, for how long?
  • Is it difficult to obtain an employment visa to work in India? What are the minimum criteria?
  • What are the rules applicable to secondment in each country?
  • Are there differences to obtain visas to work in different regions within India or China?

THIRD Phone Session on October 4 - The United Kingdom and France

  • Who can engage the services of foreign nationals in your country?
  • What is the process of getting a work visa in the UK?
  • What are the permitted activities on a business visa in France?
  • Is there a cap on an employment visas in France?
  • Can an employee apply for permanent residence in your country after having lived there for a specific period?
  • Are there any applicable exceptions for business travel in your countries?

Wednesday, August 29 is the deadline to sign up. For more info, including speaker bios, detailed curriculum, and registration information, please see: Online:
Fax form:

Headline: Daily Kos: Will Romney say anything about GOP platform's embrace of Arizona immigration law?

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Headline: 11th Circuit upholds most of Georgia's illegal-immigration law

Headline: Don't forget to like our DACA Field Report Page, drop us a note and share your thoughts on our posts

Headline: Perry to Texans: Ignore Obama immigration orders

Headline: Their View: Draconian Alabama immigration law may all be for naught

Headline: Georgetown Security Law Brief: US District Court hears renewed arguments on Arizona immigration law

Headline: Napolitano, Morton sued by ICE Officers immigration

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Miami, FL - Carlton Fields is seeking an experienced Associate Attorney to join its immigration team in the Miami office. The immigration department handles cases in all areas of immigration law. The ideal candidate will have 4+ years of experience in litigation and/or employment-based immigration including NIV and IV petitions, PERM filings, waiver applications, and handling cases in immigration court. EB-5 experience a plus. Applicants must be detailed oriented, communicate clearly and express ideas succinctly in both verbal and in written communications, have excellent research skills/experience, and Spanish language ability. Carlton Fields offers excellent benefits, a positive work environment, and a professional staff. To apply, please send a cover letter and resume along with a writing sample, recommendations and salary requirements to Shannon Williams, Director of Legal Talent Management for immediate consideration.
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Letters of the Week: Yahari

ComingsNGoings: New Award

Larrabee, Mehlman, Albi, Coker LLP is proud to announce that it has been certified by the National Women Business Owners Corporation (NWBOC). The NWBOC grants certification after a thorough review of a company's ownership, control and general business practices. Certification enables women-owned businesses to develop relationships with a greater diversity of companies and creates opportunities for future partnerships. Larrabee, Mehlman, Albi, Coker LLP looks forward to these expanded partnership opportunities and hopes they will enable the firm to further expand its service level to existing and future clients. To learn more please visit

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