A Fox News poll released this past week show two-thirds of respondents support giving out of status immigrants a pathway to US citizenship (including 60% of Republican voters). The number who supported deporting those individuals dropped to a three year low at just 15%. 81% of voters support establishing a guest worker program for out of status immigrants.

The poll is consistent with many that have come out over the last few years. And the timing is important. Fox News is hardly going to be accused of having a left wing bias and Republican House members this week are going to be pressed by their local media and constituents to state their positions on immigration. That's because their party leaders are releasing an outline of their strategy for immigration lawmaking and it will include a pathway to at least legalization as well as a guest worker program. If one is genuinely against the plan, then perhaps the Fox News poll shouldn't matter. But for those who think opposing immigration reform is good politics, then they're simply wrong.