Encouraging. A number of prestigious conservative groups in DC have been firmly in the pro-immigration camp for a while, but the Heritage Foundation has been one that has taken tough anti-immigration positions under the leadership of former South Carolina Senator Jim DeMint. Now Heritage has recruited pro-immigration conservative economist Stephen Moore. From Benjy Sarlin at MSNBC:
This week, Moore announced he is joining the DeMint-helmed Heritage Foundation as its chief economist. Heritage has been one of the most prominent opponents of immigration reform, pressuring Republican lawmakers last year to oppose bipartisan legislation, but Moore says he won’t shy away from addressing the issue in his new role.

The move puts Moore and DeMint on the same team during a critical stretch for immigration reform in Congress. Moore has pledged to work with the former South Carolina lawmaker to “develop a pro-growth immigration policy.”

“I don’t want Heritage to be viewed as anti-immigration,” he said in an interview with Heritage blog The Foundry about his new position. “We all know immigration is vitally important to our economy. Our goal will be to develop an immigration policy that’s in the best interest of America, our economy, and allows the United States to get the best and brightest people to come here.”