Harry Reid has postponed debate on the immigration bill until next week which means that a deal has largely been reached and the next few days will be spent getting the draft together of the mega-deal on immigration. The media is outlining some of the terms of the deal.

If you hear wailing from both the pro-immigration and anti-immigration communities, that probably means that some serious compromises were made. Each side is likely to have folks calling for their groups to reject the deal and wait it out for some unknown date in the future where presumably their side will have more power.

But I would remind pro-immigration folks that millions of undocumented immigrants are depending on this deal and a reasonable path to citizenship has been created - a major concession from the restrictionist side. For the restrictionist folks, a HUGE concession has been secured - an end to so-called "chain migration" where non-immediate relatives can enter strictly based on their family relationship. A point system weighting cases based on education, skills, English language proficiency as well as family relationships looks like it will replace certain family immigration categories.

This "grand compromise" will likely shift further especially as a House bill emerges, but the most difficult part of the immigration debate may almost be over.