One of the toughest criticisms of the Senate bill is that family green card applicants who filed cases after May 1, 2005 in one of the four eliminated family categories will see their cases denied. Not only is it fundamentally unfair to have accepted applications and given people hope that they would eventually be reunited with family members if they were only patient, but the Senate bill doesn't even give people the courtesy of a refund of their filing fees (and forget about the lawyer fees). More than 800,000 people fit in this group.

Senators Obama (D-IL) and Menendez (D-NJ) will offer an amendment that will move that date up to January 1, 2007, the same date as the cutoff for the legalization program. 110,000 green cards will be added a year to ensure that processing these additional applicants won't delay the green card phase of the legalization program beyond the targeted eight years.

Here is a copy of the one pager describing the amendment. Download 052107May1CutoffAmendOnePager.doc