Senator Obama (D-IL) is to seek a sunset provision that will force Congress to revisit the wisdom of the point system in five years and decide to retain it or return to the family and employment immigration system we have now.

Senator Menendez (D-NJ) will seek an amendment to give more weight to family relationships in the point system proposal. Senator Menendez's office released the following description of the language:

Senators Menendez and Obama will be offering an amendment
to modify the new point system in the immigration bill to take into account
family as part of this new experiment in social engineering. >>

Rio GrandeCurrently, the substitute amendment would not give points
for extended family connections unless a minimum of 55 points is met in the
other categories (such as employment, education, English and civics), awards
various family categories with different point levels, and only rewards people
who played by the rules and filed their green card application on or after May
2005 with 2 points. So much for family
values not stopping at the>> Rio Grande.

The Menendez and Obama amendment would remove the
arbitrary minimum threshold, treat each category the same by awarding 10
points, and increases the "on or after May 2005" points to 5. This would bring the Maximum Points possible
for the Extended Family category to 15.