Ya know the phrase "Pigs get fat, hogs get slaughtered?" Well, Congress' zeal to punish employers who hire H-1B workers has resulted in passage of the Sanders Amendment, a measure that imposes an extra $26,500 fee on H-1B workers - one $8500 tax at the time of the initial application, one $8500 fee at the time of the first extension and one $8500 fee when the H-1B applies for a green card. That's on top of the fees already in place for H-1Bs.

Just to show you I'm not kidding,here's the text -

Download Sandersh1bscholar.pdf

 . Thomas Friedman where are you?

[UPDATE: The amount was dropped from $8500 to $5000 at each stage (although this is not clear - one of my sources is saying $3500 and others are saying $5000 - I'll get this nailed down shortly). That was really very generous don't you think </sarcasm off>]

[UPDATE: I really shouldn't rely on Information Week which mentioned in their article that adjustment to permanent residency were also subject to the fee. They're wrong. It looks like it just applies to initial H-1B cases and extensions. ]  What I'm trying to figure out is whether all H-1Bs are covered or the ones exempt from the training fee now are also exempt from the new fee.]