As I noted in my top ten problems article posted last night, the biggest problem in the entire immigration bill may very well be the elimination of the employment-based green card categories and it's replacement with a one size fits all point system where anyone who scores over a certain threshold can get in to the country. That means that those currently qualifying as extraordinary ability aliens in the EB-1 category can get on line and wait. And wait. And wait. That's because the point system will allow anyone in the world with a decent education background to qualify to immigrate regardless of whether they have employment lined up in the US. So it's possible that millions - perhaps tens of millions - of people might get on line and cause backlogs of decades for US green cards. Nobel laureates don't get any special preference. And if you're an Academy Award winning actor or a Olympic gold medalist, we don't want you. The new point system doesn't offer points for artistic or athletic ability.

The Washington Post reports on this problem in this morning's edition.