"Republicans could be paying a political price for years to come."

Some of you thought I was exaggerating when I said Republicans would pay dearly for becoming the anti-immigrant party. But the latest poll numbers from NBC News show something extremely serious is happening that could put a Democrat in the White House next year and spell much longer term trouble for the GOP. According to the poll, only 22% of Hispanics now support the GOP. That's just half of what President Bush got in 2004. And the poll was largely completed before the immigration bill was defeated. For those racists out there who assume all Hispanics are illegal aliens, it never hurts to remind folks that this is America's largest minority with 30 million citizens in their ranks and another 500,000+ becoming citizens each year. If this year's immigration debate converted the entire Hispanic community in to Democrats, Republicans will lose seats all across the country.

Here's NBC's story on the report from this evening's newscast.