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Here is my quick take on it.

1. Those with priority dates after August 1st are not going to be able to file under the July Visa Bulletin if they try and file between August 1st and August 16th. Those with labor certifications certified AFTER August 1st will be able to file, however, since the priority date was established earlier.

2. I-140s filed after the new fees kick in later this month must be accompanied by the NEW filing fee of $475. But I-765 and I-131 application fees for work cards and travel documents will remain the same until August 17th (and, of course, so will the I-485 fee per the original press release). Applications with incorrect filing fees will be rejected. USCIS also now makes it clear that for I-485s, the pre-July 30th fee MUST be used until August 17th.

3. Failure to include an approved labor certification will be a ground for denying a petition.

4. Applications should be filed at either the Nebraska Service Center or the Texas Service Center in accordance with the June memo on this subject.  Applications incorrectly filed at the California and Vermont Service Centers will be accepted until August 17th and forwarded to the correct service center, though USCIS warns that this could result in delays.

5. USCIS has REVERSED policy and will now accept an adjustment petition without a medical exam. Instead, it will issue a request for evidence and the exam can be submitted later.

6. Applications will be accepted up until the end of business on August 17th. Those arriving on the 18th or later will not be accepted.

7. USCIS will not resume premium processing for I-140s on August 1st and will issue a notice when it is ready to begin again.

8. To be eligible for three year H-1B extensions, it is not enough that one be unable to complete green card processing because of retrogression of green card numbers. Instead, the applicant for the three year extension must show that they are not eligible to complete process because of the per country limit (such as if they are Indian and applying in the EB-2 category).

9. USCIS admits that there could be delays in generating I-485 receipt notices depending on the volume of applications they receive.

10. USCIS will permit filing I-485s without the I-140 receipt, but people requesting such applications be accepted should put a "brightly colored" paper on top with the following text:

TO THE MAILROOM: The enclosed I-485 Adjustment Application(s) should be matched with a pending I-140 Immigrant Petition for which no Receipt Notice has been received. The Immigrant Petition [type, e.g., I-140] was delivered to [Service Center] on [provide date of filing and tracking number]; Petitioner's name; Beneficiary's name; Beneficiary's date of birth; Beneficiary's country of birth.