I've been reporting over the last few days on the confusion USCIS has created with the announcement of new versions of a number of forms. While many forms have been changed at the USCIS site, all but three have stated on their description pages that previous versions of the form would continue to be accepted. However, for the new I-765 employment authorization application, the I-129F K-1/K-3 application and the I-290B appeal form, USCIS specifically stated that only the new version of the form would be accepted. For the I-765 in particular this was a problem since thousands of people have been preparing to file that form as part of their July Visa Bulletin adjustment of status cases. Many had already sent in the supposedly incorrect version and the mistake could mean extra months without the ability to work.  Yesterday, USCIS announced that they erred on the I-765 form and that previous versions would now be accepted. But no change was announced regarding the other two forms.

Today, USCIS has reversed course on the I-129F and the I-290B announcing that in the case of the I-129F, the 11/24/2006 version can still be used and that in the case of the I-290B, the 2/26/2006 version may still be used.