The cover story in this week's Sunday New York Times Magazine, "All Immigration Politics is Local (And Complicated, Nasty and Personal)" explores the town of Carpentersville, Illinois. This town north of Chicago is not dissimilar to Hazleton, Pennslvania.

The nastiness of the campaign against immigrants in the community was seen in campaign literature distributed by the nativist candidates who went on to win seats on the city council that, in turn, led to passage of its first anti-immigrant measures in the city (with several more on the way):

Are you tired of waiting to pay for your groceries while Illegal
Aliens pay with food stamps and then go outside and get in a $40,000

Are you tired of paying taxes when Illegal Aliens pay NONE!

Are you tired of reading that another Illegal Alien was arrested for drug dealing?

Are you tired of having to punch 1 for English?

Are you tired of seeing multiple families in our homes?

Are you tired of not being able to use Carpenter Park on the weekend, because it is over run by Illegal Aliens?

Are you tired of seeing the Mexican Flag flown above our Flag?

you are as tired as me then let's get out and Vote for the: All
American Team ... Finally a team that will help us take back our town!

So much for this simply being about law and order.

[UPDATE: An angry Carpentersville resident who supported the anti-immigrant candidates reminded me that my original post that only one measure has so far passed (though apparently he's rooting for the rest and seems to think that the campaign literature was perfectly fine). It seems like a lovely community, doesn't it?]