When we fill out an I-485 application to adjust status for our clients, there are a number of questions that I have never, ever had to answer in the affirmative. And thank goodness. Have you ever engaged in political assassination? A hijacking?  Killed someone on account of their race or religion? And then there's the Nazi question. We know a number of them hid their pasts and made it in to the US. The late Simon Weisenthal achieved fame tracking them down. But after 62 years, are there any still alive in the US who have yet to be identified and deported? There are still a few and one apparently recently turned up in a retirement community in Arizona. He admitted to his role in atrocities and has been deported.

The Department of Justice has a unit called the Office of Special Investigations devoted to tracking down and deporting Nazi war criminals. In the next few years, there work tracking down Nazis will obviously come to a conclusion. But they are in the process of transitioning in their mission to track down perpetrators of more recent atrocities and are now investigating war criminals from places like Chile, Bosnia and Cambodia. We can all hope that one day, we'll no longer need an OSI because there will be no war criminals in the world. Until then, it is good to know that we have an OSI.