Gee, this is really breaking news. USCIS says that they're behind in getting receipts issued for the adjustment applications filed in July. Thanks USCIS for telling us something we didn't know. And thanks for the apology for the lousy service </sarcasm off>. Sometimes just saying you're sorry can make a huge difference in shedding a reputation for arrogance.

One sleeper issue - USCIS says they're re-allocating resources to get employment cards issued based on those applications in the 90 day time frame required under the law. But in the question on travel documents, they basically say "We'll get to it when we get to it and don't even think about traveling outside the country until then." This is the next crisis we're going to see. A lot of people adjusting don't have H-1B visas and traveling will void the adjustment applications. That means emergency parole requests all over the country (as is already seemingly happening). Expect to hear a lot about problems in this area.