Maybe those pesky immigrants, annoying civil rights lawyers and nosy reporters will mind their own business next time.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement shut down the notorious San Pedro Detention Facility (a facility with numerous problems including one particularly serious story I wrote about this summer). Two weeks ago the facility lost its accreditation. While ICE is keeping mum on the reasons, the facility has a reputation for being problem-ridden.

400 detainees have apparently been transferred not to one of the other detention facilities in Southern California (well, 20 were sent to other California facilities - how generous!), but to facilities scattered across the country. Forget about seeing family again. Think your pro bono lawyer is going to be able to help you (assuming he can even reach you)?

Here's a little example of the fun ICE officials are having acting on behalf of taxpayers:

Edgardo Quintanilla said he didn't know where his client, a deaf mute,
was transferred and he didn't know if he would be able to continue on
as the detainee's pro-bono attorney if the move was to an out-of-state

"It is going to be very hard, almost impossible, to keep representing him," he said.

Remember, this was all caused by ICE's failure to do its job.

Thanks to the anonymous blog poster who provided this link.